7/8 Raley joins Cubs

The Cubs needed a fresh arm, and recalled lefty Brooks Raley from Triple-A Iowa to take the roster spot of outfielder Scott Hairston, who was traded to the Nationals earlier Monday. Raley has been a starter at Iowa, posting a 6-6 record and 4.91 ERA. He did make one relief appearance. He made his big league debut last August, and went 1-2 with a 8.14 ERA in five starts. He was called up June 12-13, but did not appear in a game.

How long will the Cubs go with an extra pitcher in the ‘pen?

“That’ll be dictated on what happens the next couple days with how long our starters go,” Cubs manager Dale Sveum said.

The Cubs don’t have many options at Iowa to fill the outfield.

“[Junior] Lake is playing well but we want to let him develop more,” Sveum said. “There’s not a whole lot of options right now. Right now our bullpen concern is more important than anything right now.”

— Carrie Muskat


Sign T Campama who was just released adds speed decent defense won’t hit much but these minor league pitchers and we need a outfielder he is better than Borbon

Enough with Tony Campana already. He’s fast and that’s it. He plays below average defense, has no arm, and Borbon might suck, but the three walks he had last night would be the total number of walks Campana would draw in an entire month.

Fast and that’s it? His speed allows good bunting, and a lock for a stolen base late in the game (as a pinch runner) when a tying or winning run is vital. A better team than the Cubs may pick him up. I’m a little surprised he was released. No doubt Campana would be a more useful bench player than Borbon. The Cubs could use him right now due to injuries but no sense losing sleep over his release.

Good to hear Mamma, a nice positive report….. Go Tony! I hope he gets to see some ML action this year for a contender. Wouldn’t it be great to see him in the playoffs???

right there with you Doug… Campana couldn’t cut it with the Cubs and now the Dbacks… I think these organizations know more than the know it alls on this blog…. Campana was OPS’n .710 in AAA…….. THAT IS NOT GOOD… and it doesn’t mean a dang thing if he can steal bases when you can’t get on base on a regular basis. Why would you give him a spot on your bench for a pinch runner?? That is a waste!!! The defense Campana provided is pretty bad for how fast this kid is. He should have way more range then he showed in games. Give up on Tony…. two MLB clubs have

Go with Petrey on this one. Campana game consisted of speed and speed alone. He has NO ARM in the OF, reminded of Juan Pierre. Hit a ball in the gap to his left or right, automatic double. He had the speed to run the ball down, but no arm to throw the runner out at 2nd.
Campana was a likeable guy, but struck out alot.
Hoyer done very well trading him for two 16 y/o Dominican fireballers.

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