7/8 Garza: “I like being a Cub”

Matt Garza has dealt with trade rumors since his first year in pro ball, and has learned to shrug them off.

“At least you’re wanted,” the Cubs pitcher said. “It could be the other way, where they’re like, ‘This guy, I don’t want him.’ It’s a compliment. If it happens, my phone will ring and that’ll be it. It hasn’t rung and I’m happy to be a Cub.”

There were reports Monday that the Cubs were talking to Garza about a possible long-term contract, but it’s more likely that the right-hander will be dealt by the July 31 Trade Deadline. The key will be whether the Cubs get the top prospects they want in return. The Cubs have already been busy, trading Scott Feldman, Carlos Marmol, Steve Clevenger and Scott Hairston.

“[An extension] is always on the table,” Garza said. “I voiced my opinion about how I love it here. My family loves it here. It’s always something you think about. I don’t know which route they’re going to go.”

How real is an extension?

“As real as a trade,” Garza said. “Trades are just rumors like everything else. An extension talk, I’m part of, I know for a fact where it’s at. It’s always a possibility, man, 50-50.

“At the end of the day, it comes down to my decision if I want an extension, and a trade, it’s obviously [the Cubs’]decision,” he said. “I like being a Cub, I want to get this team to October and win it here. Like I’ve said before, it’d be one [heck] of a party. I’m just going to get ready for every five days.”

So, what uniform is he wearing on Aug. 1?

“I’m hoping the Cubs, but I don’t even look that far,” Garza said. “What’s today, the 8th? Probably the 13th will be the next day I look at.”

— Carrie Muskat


Garza is saying all the right things…still, his health is a concern. Now if he loves BEING a Cub so much and offers up low risk contract terms then an extension would be a good thing.

I like Garza being a Cub! He is a keeper for now!

Joey, how about Sappelt and Borbon last night?

How about them? You called it jasper, props. Credit given when due. Sappelt 4 for 5 RAISED his average to .236 and Borbon….still stuck at .198 Sappelt had an AWESOME night, great to see! Cubs win! uh…we looking at the starting outfield for 2014..anyone? Soriano better watch his back with Sappelt on the roster!!! Woo Hoo go Sappelt! I was more impressed with Valbuena, he manages to do some damage all the while blending in with the mediocre….not bad. I don’t get the superior fielding Valbuena being the DH while Ransom patrols 3B?? what’s with that?

Yes, but we cant forget Borbons three walks.

Never! Especially on this team…I can just imagine the entire bench watching Borbon’s ABs and thinking: “uh…walks…..what are those??” Good call jasper.

I believe all the talk about Garza possiby re-signing with Cubs is meant for the consumption of his suitors. It is propaganda intended to make him more attractive to possible trade partners. I`m not critical of the ploy; hey, if it works, more power to front office. Just hope these potential trade partners do not see through this smoke screen, the way I do. Bottom line: we are most likely to profit from sending Garza to another club for legit prospects.

I am guessing you are correct and some of us seen this as a smoke screen also. I think I posted something to this affect yesterday. It is a good ploy and I am sure other GM’s get it also.
But, they also dont know if the Cubs are serious or not. Nor do we, thats what makes it great.

jasper and jhosk, what year do you think the Cubs will contend for World Series title? (not just a wild card or NL Central title). I would have to question the Cubs signing Garza for an extension instead of trading him, considering his past health issues because if the Cubs will not contend for a WS title within the time frame of that extension Garza’s pitching for the Cubs will be moot. Not to mention the risk of him landing on the DL during that time. I could see the same argument for the Shark but for his good track record of staying healthy. I could see the Cubs trading for some minor league SP that will debut ALONG SIDE the likes of Almora, Soler, Baez, Bryant etc. and if that time we need one or two top of the rotation starters the Cubs can be the team to trade for some other team’s “Garza” or sign a FA or two during the first off season after a credible, winning season. Just sayin….

the problem is talented SP is not coming on the FA market as much as it has in the past…. the new CBA changed that. The other problem is SP is just plain expensive no matter how you spin it. An ace is going to cost you…. a #2 is going to cost you… are we better off with paying garza now and holding onto him the next 6 years or so? Which would allow us to keep our talented prospects and save money by using them in the line. Or are we better off taking a huge risk in trading Garza and HOPING the talent we get turns into something as good if not better than Garza? Its a really tough choice quite honestly. I stand by the statement of “Buy your pitching and build your position players”… the probabilities of success are better. Any pitcher you sign or trade for has the possibility of injury and honestly Garza’s injuries haven’t been that big of a deal the FO was just being careful with him because of the crap team. I like a rotation of Garza,Shark, Jackson, Wood, and Villanueva…. thats a tough rotation and has been great for us this year. What hasn’t been good is our position players and their production.

o and our bullpen has been BRUTAL… fix those things first

Just saw this today for first time. To answer your question, joey, I think the Cubs will be legit contenders in 2016. Is a big reason I do not comprehend why Garza would want to sign for an extension with his current team.

because its only half way through his deal (2016…. garza will get 5 to 7 years)and he could get traded and get hurt and get less money

I agree jhosk, and if the Cubs would entertain offering him a 5-7 year contract they are as nuts as anybody thinking he WILL get 5-7 years. I don’t think THIS current GM is that reckless as was Hendry with his FA signings. A four year deal tops and that puts him at the end of the contract, still risky considering his DL track record but 4 years would be understandable. In fact, it may be good as far as pushing up the urgency to win and that may open the door to more trades and other FA signings. If it gets the Cubs contending SOONER that’s one thing, if Garza is going to be just another luxury on a mediocre team then I think we are better off trading him NOW, while hot and healthy. A two player offer that can’t be refused to an AL team would be nice. A starting pitcher and a DH! The Cubs, “Your One Stop Shopping Outlet”

ok you just wait…. garza WILL get at least a 5 year deal….. if you don’t know that then you show you know nothing about the current MLB market

Something else we are all forgetting, is the upcoming 20+ player suspensions coming down soon.
Should contending teams lose key players, that could drive the price up on Cub players. Lets say a power hitting OF from Texas gets suspended, does that make Soriano more valuable and easier to move?
RP, Greggs value goes higher. Starting pitcher, Garza could become worth even more.
Sherholtz, Navarro, Samardizja, Castro, Barney, who knows?

You would think so Jasper but Soriano is…. Soriano, and he may invent an excuse to turn down any deal, remaining the King of the lowly Cubs instead of a Knight of the Rangers et al.
Also, I hope Garza gets his 5-7 year deal from another team with a NUTTY GM because that would be nuts. Is Hendry still around somewhere? The Yanks maybe, in some capacity to persuade their GM to signing his guy Garza? Maybe.

ok lets have a serious adult convo… no ranting and raving… WHY do you think its nuts?

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