7/9 Camp clears waivers

Right-hander Shawn Camp, who compiled a 7.04 ERA in 26 games in relief, cleared waivers and was given his unconditional release on Tuesday. Camp had been designated for assignment on July 3.


Wish you well Shawn Camp. You gave us some good times before things didn’t go so well for you. Hope you get back on track for future success.

What good times? The guy was a mediocre middle reliever on a team that lost 101 games. So do tell, what is your #1 Shawn Camp moment?

Do tell?? Shawn Camp was a Cub. Any member of a Cub team gets my respect and good wishes. So do tell, do you have any good wishes for him as he pursues his career?

I could care less whether he pitches another game in his life. He’s not my brother, he’s not my friend, he’s already made more money than any of us will ever see in our lifetime, so who really cares about Shawn Camp’s future? And so what if he was a Cub? Are you on pins and needles wondering if Jim Bullinger is doing alright? Have you even thought about Jim Bullinger once in the past 15 years? I doubt it. And as far as Cubs go, he didn’t really do anything that stands out, other than being an average middler reliever on one of the worst Cubs teams in team history. At least Kerry Wood stuck around for years and had some memorable moments on a few good Cubs teams. What exactly did Shawn Camp do to cement his place in the Cubs Hall of Fame for you? Just being on the Cubs? Then I guess you also hold a place in your heart for Milton Bradley, Todd Hundley, and Ryan Theriot too.

Just another mean-spirited comment to be dismissed White. I suppose the good times Camp gave us last year were not enough for his own manager to declare him the team’s MVP? Oh, wait he was declared the team’s MVP by Sveum. Sveum may make some bone headed managerial decisions but he got it right (as you did White) that Camp was one of the most valuable (yes, surprising, lucky et al) players and work horses on last year’s team.

Done told!!

White, forgive me but I must have missed your comment regarding that Camp is deserving of THE HALL OF FAME?? I just read your comment again and it’s pretty simple to comprehend that you just thought he did a good job for us last year and you wish him well. But then again you are GOOD and some may not have it in them to recognize that. Keep being GOOD White AND…hold a place in your heart for Todd Hundley, Ryan Theriot and even Milton Bradley too because all people can use a little bit of good will and well wishes, it’s what GOOD people do. I wish the best for Soriano NOW and when he leaves the Cubs, just because I would PREFER him gone sooner rather than later does not mean I wouldn’t wish him well…

It wasn’t mean-spiritied… I truly wanted to know what specific good times Shawn Camp has provided? For someone who appeared in 80 games last year, I can’t recall a single “remember the time that Shawn Camp…” moment. Can you? Can anyone? So what’s the point in commenting on his departure? If anything, as Cubs fans you should be glad he’s gone because he is clearly washed up and it opens up a spot for a younger pitcher, such as Blake Parker or the guy they got from Baltimore, to show what they’ve got and see if they have a chance of sticking around for 2014. And why bother wishing him well? You don’t know him personally and he’s made over $7 million in his career. I’m pretty sure he’s done pretty well and can pretty much do nothing for the rest of his life and not have to worry.

And for the record, no one should hold any place in their heart for Milton Bradley. He’s a wife-beater and a dead beat and just a horrible person in general. If he were to drop dead right now, the world would not miss him!

Good Bye Shawn – I shall continue to miss you – I enjoyed your enthusiasm and character. Will try to keep track of you in other venues.

Guess I am of my own opinion on this one. In Camps case, it was a, what have you done for us lately scenerio? Not anything I remember this year.
Last year 80 games, good year. That was last year.
Will I miss him, nope! Continued success? Good luck, just hope it isnt against the Cubs.
Thank for last year and Bye!

Well, at least you have some class in your farewell to Camp Jasper, I’ll try to do the same for Soriano because it’s been a while since he has given the Cubs an entire season of production too. But lately? ON FIRE MAN! Too bad the major leagues season doesn’t start in July, he’d be a MONSTER! 🙂

I guess the difference between the two is, I actually have memories of Soriano, because he has been a Cub awhile. He also, has been a good team mate, no complaints about him. I hold no grudge on Soriano, he was offered a contract and he took it.
Soriano was not a Grace who would hang out in the bars, chasing women after games. Standing around getting drunk, looking for fan attention. Sometimes, even teammates women. Soriano may not have been worth his contract, but he was a a good player and a true Cub for many years.

Woohee! Open up a can of worms and you get ???? Try to wish another person well and you get ???? For those who could care less about Shawn Camp and/or his future rest in peace – no one cares to hear any more mean spirited comments.

You mean like no one cares to hear about cats and food and catnip and health problems? If thats what you mean, I apologise for myself for putting off topic CUB converstation in the chat room.

Duly noted Jasper. I will not be posting such matters again. Pretty much done here. Go Cubbies and enjoy the rest of your season, Jasper. Eamus Catuli.

For the record, I was more giving you ???? as you put it because you claim that Shawn Camp “gave us some good times”. But really, wishing Shawn Camp well is pretty silly unless you know him personally (in which case I would wonder why you don’t say it directly to him and not on Carrie Muskat’s blog comment section). The guy’s had a 10-year career and made over $7 million, so I’m guessing he doesn’t need you to wish him luck. As for the rest of his career, he’s 36 and bad, so I’m guessing the rest of his career will constitute him getting paid 6 figures a year to scout and/or coach somewhere or he’ll just take that $7 million he’s made and go golfing every day for the rest of his life. Yeah, so best wishes and good luck at doing that, Shawn Camp. Thank you for being mediocre on a really bad Cubs team that one year.

Jasper and Doug thank for sticking to baseball talk…. refreshing… as for Camp… sure I wish him well but I could careless honestly… I don’t wish the guy harm or anything but he sucks and is gone… that’s what a good organization does is trim the fat… this team still has a ways to go but on the right track

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