7/9 Cubs 7, Angels 2

Travis Wood finally had both quality and quantity. Anthony Rizzo and Alfonso Soriano hit back-to-back home runs, Soriano added another solo shot, Darwin Barney belted a three-run blast and Starlin Castro hit a solo homer to support Wood and lift the Cubs to a 7-2 Interleague victory over the Angels on Tuesday night.

“The ‘Sori’ show again continues,” Dale Sveum said of his left fielder, who is batting .400 with eight homers and 17 RBIs in his last 11 games.

Soriano isn’t playing like a 37-year-old.

“I want to hit every inning,” Soriano said. “I feel comfortable and try to enjoy my time because that’s what I like to do. I like to play this game and love what I do.”

Maybe the Cubs are in the wrong league. With the win, they improved to 13-6 against American League teams, matching their win total against the tough National League Central (13-26).

Wood gave up four hits over 6 2/3 innings, including a two-run homer by Albert Pujols in the seventh, No. 489 of his career. It was Wood’s 17th quality start, most in the Major Leagues, and he’s the first Cubs pitcher to record that many before the All-Star break since Greg Maddux did so in 1988. Unfortunately for Wood, he doesn’t have the wins to match.

“He can’t pitch any better baseball,” Sveum said of his lefty. “Besides throwing shutouts, you can’t really pitch any better.”

Sveum and Wood will sit down to talk about the All-Star Game. Wood, who will be the Cubs’ sole representative, and will have one more tuneup before the event, to be played July 16 at Citi Field. Wood wraps up the first half on Sunday night against the Cardinals.

“I would like to pitch,” Wood said. “The ultimate goal is for the season, for the Cubs. We’ll talk it out with them.”

— Carrie Muskat


I remember people complaining about the Marshall trade. Marshall for Wood, Torryes and Sappelt. Marshall was going to become a FA at the end of the 2012 season. I didnt understand the complaints then.
Sappelt is still not setting the world on fire, but did well at the end of the 2012 season. He has become a decent fill in with half the OF out with injuries.
Wood has become an awesome starting pitcher this year. He may be only averaging 6 IP per start. but if he continues to develop, he may become the ace.
Torreyes was traded to Houston for the # 2 & #3 International slots. This could be one of those trades that is discussed for years.

it was a fair trade then and now we really look like we won that trade…. if I am not mistaken we were rumored to not be able to resign Marshall at his asking price anyways so we went out and got a return for him. I hope the trades we are making now for prospects like this continue to work out.

At the time it was perceived Marshall was a “luxury” for such a horrid team, the trade was well conceived and is paying off with Wood alone. These are the types of trades that we hope for and can expect from this new regime, a much different scenario from the Hendry era.

Gotta love the “Sori Show”…my dream come true! Perfect timing to increase some trade interest and salvage something out of Soriano. So glad he rested the first two months as usual and is exploding at the right time….TRADE TIME! Could the Orioles be interested in BOTH Garza AND “The Sori Show”??

Trading Soriano is going to be rough. First you have to finda team that needs him for the rest of this year and next. Then how much of his salary do the Cubs have to pay? Then what can you get in value for the player and the amount the Cubs will have to pay?

I think the whole world knows this. It’s near impossible, that’s how bad a contract it is. One can hope.

It was the perfect example why not to sign players to long term contracts into their late 30’s. Remember when Pujols was a FA at the end of 2011? Cubs fans on every board were wanting him signed.
Looks like the right decisions were made.

Right, all knew this except Hendry and the former owners. Very negligent of them. Not all Cubs’ fans wanted Pujols signed, I for one new Pujols was entering the downside of his career and was content with waiting for a better 1B option. Hopefully Rizzo will be the answer, so far so good considering his youth, but the jury is out even on him and his contract although not a complete, disastrous, hand tying, abysmal, foolish one could STILL be at least a little premature…..let’s hope it is the opposite of the Soriano contract, one of the worst in Cubs’ history if not all of baseball.

It is bad now, no doubt joey. But there have been worse. Bradley comes to mind. There are many others. Pitchers in the early 80’s, getting huge amounts, then getting hurt. I think one was a guy named Garland for Cleveland??
remember the Bradley – Silva trade? Silva was a horrible contract by Seattle. There have been many.

There has never been a worse free agent CONTRACT in the history of the Cubs. The age of the player, the limited defense, and the GOD AWFUL LENGTH OF EIGHT YEARS, not to mention the failure of the mission to bolster the offense during the fleeting opportunity of playoff games…remember Soriano’s playoff “production”? Bradley was bad, Silva was too but the money combined with the years combined with the failure of the objective combined with the difficulty of moving the player….the compete Soriano “package” is the supreme and ultimate waste of resources. That is of course in my humble opinion. There may be one or two others that agree??? Ha.

You cant change someones opinion, thats a fact. I would agree that it is a bad contract now, especially the length and Sorianos age.
My opinion would be the worst was, Milton Bradley.

We are at least in the same book, on the same page…different paragraphs…. NOT BAD huh??

Joey ,do you recall who was Sori`s agent when he signed that long term Cubs deal? I am thinking Boras. Am I mistaken? If I`m not, it proves my point made recently that Boras forces clubs to overpay for his clients.

Sums it up pretty well Joey. I am not a saber metrics kind of guy, but my grandfather taught me a simple formula for a players run production way back in 1968.
You take a players Runs + RBI’s, add them up. You subtract HR’s, because you get an RBI and a Run scored per HR. That equals Run production.
Lets take Soriano, Runs scored this year. 43 Add RBI’s 47. Thats 90, take away HR’s, 15 = 75 runs prduced for Soriano in 88 games.
Thats not a run per game anymore for him, but one of the better run productions on the team if not the best.

Better to reign in hell as Soriano is doing then serve in Heaven.

Bogusevic;s run production was 8 in just 9 games before he got hurt. Thats pretty amazing. Rizzo with his low batting average still has a total of 82 in his 87 games. Thats very good for this team.
Barney, Castro and Castillo’s run production is just hurtful.

I agree, Barney, Castro and Castillo can be described as major disapointments this season, Soriano a minor one considering the first two months of the season he was pretty much AWOL as usual. A contending team will be able to take advantage of what he has left much more so than the Cubs. Hopefully Soriano will see the advantage of finishing with a contender and change his attitude about location and performing under the spotlight.

Where was this Sori back in April, May, and part of June before we became irrelevant? We fell out of the pennant race because we lacked offense, and had Sori contributed with his bat when it mattered, perhaps we would be contenders today. He is not only the offensive player who sucked most of season, I hasten to add, and our relief pitching was ineffective much of this time, but our starting pitching was good enough. Travis Wood had to wait almost six weeks to get that sixth victory last night; that`s pathetic.

Agrre with most you say jhosk. Its easy to blame Soriano for the Cubs dropping out of a pennant race the Cubs had no chance of participating anyway. Why is it fans blame the highest paid player??
It was Hendry that offered the contract. Would anybody in his right mind, turn it down??
Lack of Run Production was not just Sorianos fault in April, May & June, the Cubs as a team did not hit with runners in scoring position.
Thats not blaming, thats just pure fact.
The Bullpen as you say, was terrible. No one could save a game, that was the reason the Cubs fell out of a pennant race, they never would have been in anyway. At least, thats my opinion.

so its ALL soriano’s fault??? that just isn’t true… how bout Castro who hit sub 200 for over a month… or Rizzo who only hit for a streak there… or barney who can’t hit anything harder than a dribbler unless we are up by 3+ runs then he hits a homer everytime…. or how bout dejesus who started slow… shierholtz is really the only one to come out strong……………. this is just the offense, not to mention the bullpen blowing double digit games you take back 4… yes 4 blown saves and we are a .500 team….. that would be HUGE… this team could actually have a decent 2nd half even with a Garza trade but guys are going to have to play the way they are capable… NOT JUST SORIANO.

Can`t you read? I stated that other offensive players sucked, and that our relievers did not perform.

oh…that was nice jhosk. Not all Soriano’s fault….Sveum kept plugging him the middle of the order for TWO MONTHS (at least) JUST WAITING….AND WAITING….AND WAITING….BOOM! Hello July, goodbye season. Jasper is right, more blame on Hendry (as I have always espoused) than Soriano, but Sveum has some splainin’ to do too….

Soriano did an awesome job! He has been doing way better since the beginning of the year.

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