7/10 Angels 13, Cubs 2

Jeff Samardzija began the season with an impressive Opening Day victory, holding the Pirates to two hits over eight shutout innings. On Wednesday, he ended the first half with what he called a head scratcher. Josh Hamilton smacked two home runs and drove in five runs, Albert Pujols hit his second homer in as many days, and Mark Trumbo belted his team-leading 20th to power the Angels to a 13-2 romp over Samardzija and the Cubs for a split of the Interleague series.

Samardzija struggled from the beginning. He served up a season-high nine runs, including five in the first inning, over 4 2/3 innings, his shortest outing of the season. Samardzija had given up nine earned runs over 35 innings in five starts in May alone.

“Give credit to some really good hitters,” Cubs manager Dale Sveum said. “They get paid a lot of money to hit mistakes and they obviously didn’t miss them tonight.”

“I’ve thrown worst games,” Samardzija said. “I’ve had worst stuff out there. To sit and be totally down isn’t the case. It’s just a little bit more about pitch sequences and getting ahead in the count. I think that’s the big thing for me. When I’m behind in the count, it changes the game a lot. It puts me on my heels and puts them on their toes, and that’s not the way I pitch.”

The Angels piled on with a six-run fifth, sending 12 batters to the plate. It was a struggle for the Cubs, who suffered their most lopsided loss of the season. The Angels recorded 11 extra-base hits for the fourth time in franchise history. They hit the most home runs against Chicago in a game (five) and the most homers in one inning with three in the fifth.

Samardzija’s first half was similiar to last season when he was 6-8 in 17 starts with a 4.71 ERA.

“[Last year] he got out of the gates really well and went into the break struggling a little bit and then the last eight starts he had were awesome,” Sveum said. “I think it’s one of those things now, a little bit of confidence, and trying to do too much when things get out of whack.”

Samardzija’s next start will be the Cubs’ first game after the All-Star break on July 19 against the Rockies. That means he gets an extended rest.

“After today, it’s a great thing,” Samardzija said of the time off. “I’ll take all these days and get back to the drawing board. … I’m excited to take a deep breath these next couple days and use the All-Star break to get some work in.”

On the plus side, the Cubs finished the Interleague portion of their schedule 13-7, and the 13 wins were a single-season franchise record.

This loss will sting.

“You can’t really sugar coat it too much,” Samardzija said. “They kicked my ass today and that’s the way it goes. It’s a resilient game, you’ve got to learn from your mistakes and go from there.”

— Carrie Muskat


It’s easier for the fans to take a butt-kicking like this one than ALL the one run losses.

Even in a game like this, you like to someone do well. Ransom was 2 for 4 with a RBI and two runs scored, other than that the team pretty much took the night off.
Maybe Samardizja should have considered that contract extension last year. He sure dont look like the pitcher he was.

That’s a good point Jasper, I believe I included Samardizja in the same comment as Garza when discussing the logic of signing either to an extension. Garza due to health concerns and Samardizja due to his occasional lapses. I don’t think Samardizja has all the “Ace stuff” the team/manager/FO/announcers claim him to have. I certainly wouldn’t mind him signing an extension because he is GOOD enough, healthy enough and talented enough to help this team within the next five years but as an Ace? Not necessarily.

Illigitimus non carborundum! Carpe Diem!

I am with Joey and White on this one. I would like to see him be an Ace; but he has a lot to learn yet. Give the man a break for a while. We can fuss more later.

I do not believe joey is saying Smardj is an ace or even a potential #1, but can be part of a solid rotation going forward, perhaps as a #2 or #3. That is my opinion, at any rate. Please correct myself if I`m mistaken.

I think my statement above was taken out of context. All I said was; maybe Samarizja should have signed that extension that was offered last year. Honestly, that was all that was meant on my part.

Then thinking about it, Strasburg was shut down last year, hows he doing this year?
Samardizja was shut down last year, hes not having the same year.

Just for conversation, anything to it?

You are correct. I would love to acquire two pitchers BETTER than The Shark in a few years to go along with the talented youth movement. Signing Garza would be acceptable as he CAN be one of the two pitchers better than The Shark but acceptable is not the ideal situation, trading Garza is still the right thing to do.

Theres a few different ways to look at it.
My opinion is, the Cubs have to find a way to get by until some class A pitchers are ready, Pierce Johnson, Duane Underwood, Paul Blackburn, Arodys Vizcaino, Ben Wells, James Pugliese,.
Not to mention, AA, Beeler, Kyle Hendricks, Alberto Cabrera, Eric Jockish.
Naturally not all these guy will make it, couple might have control issues, a couple arm problems.
This is not to mention the MANY others from last years Draft, this years Draft, International Draft. The Cubs scouting department is really doing an awesome job.

Right, getting by may not warrant the expense of either The Shark or Garza. I don’t really care how the Ricketts spend their money but I would rather see Hoystein continue the good work of stocking the system for a legit run 2-3+ years from now and trade Garza while he is valuable to contending teams. We are not close enough to a playoff run to justify keeping Garza. The Shark? Well he may come cheaper than Garza, is more durable too so he may be worth the extension.

shark isn’t goign anywhere… he won’t be a free agent till 2016… we have plenty of time to get a deal done… the probably about waiting till we are good argument is how do we know there will be as good as talent as Garza on the market at that time??? TORP is not hitting the market as often under the new CBA… this isn’t 2003… its 2013 and things have changed

Not really sure what you are saying petrey? I can go on Garza either way, trade him or keep him?? Dont matter to me.
It really all depends on what he would bring? If he is traded, I am sure Hoyer will get very good value in return.

im saying this trade Shark rumor because he won’t sign a reasonable extension is dumb and just not going to happen. 1) the reason we trade him would be because we got some heavy heavy ML talent back in return such as Profar and Perez plus lower specs 2) Shark is arbitration eligible and CAN NOT become a free agent until 2016 which give us plenty of time to agree on an extension… everyone just needs to relax and enjoy watching SHark pitch for the Cubs

I think don;’t think that if we should trade Garza! He’s one of the best pitchers we have right now. Maybe he keeps getting injured but at least when he goes to pitch he does a very good job!

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