7/10 Cubs and Bryant – UPDATED

The Cubs and first-round Draft pick Kris Bryant have agreed to a deal with a signing bonus of $6.7 million, pending a physical. The contract could be formally announced Thursday or Friday. The Cubs had no official comment.

Bryant’s bonus will top Mark Appel’s $6.35 million deal with the Astros. Byron Buxton received the highest bonus last year, $6 million, from the Twins.

Bryant’s season ended in early June, and once the Cubs get the third baseman signed, he would report to their facility in Mesa, Ariz., to work out before he would be assigned to a Minor League team.

“We would need to get a feel for how rusty he is,” GM Jed Hoyer said. “Once we get a feel for his conditioning, we’ll figure out exactly what the right path is. Certainly, he’ll start out at the very low levels [in the Minors]. We’re hopeful he can move quickly through those.”

Bryant, 20, was the second pick overall in the June Draft. He was considered the best power college bat in the Draft, and led the nation in home runs (31), runs scored (80), walks and slugging percentage (.820). In 62 games, he batted .329 with 13 doubles and 62 RBIs. The third baseman received the Dick Howser trophy as the 2013 College Player of the Year.

— Carrie Muskat


All right, get this done. This may be the only time the Cubs are in postion for the second pick of the first round.

done deal…. bryant gets slot money… 6.7mill

I would now think Vitters’ days are numbered and may be packaged in deal….everybody moves up a level… With every young prospect acquired we are getting closer to that competing team promised by Epstein. Just a few more years of this revolving door stuff and we should be ready to pounce on a couple of FA’s and away we go! Good job with stocking the system so far by the new regime.

Vitters could or Vitters could be moved to the OF… or Vitters could stay at 3B and Bryant can’t field 3B well enough

Well thats good news. I dont know how much Draft money is left, but hoping a couple more get signed.

I told you all several days ago the Cubs would overpay for Bryant because of Boras`s greed. This agent is all about himself, Scott Boras. He`s already got more money than God, but his pockets are a bottomless pit apparently. What do agents get these days? Is it 10% or is it more? Does anyone know?

Agree with the Boras comment. No reason to Draft, trade for or sign anyone represented by Boras.

With that said, they drafted one of his clients, I am glad he is signed.

how did they overpay??? Bryant got slot for the #2 pick… we got the best power bat in the draft so I think we did alright especially if he can stick at 3B

Glad to see him signed. Now let’s see Sveum put this all together.

Petrey is right, they didn’t overpay. The $6.7 mill was the slot money

thank you

What does that mean, slot money? Does it mean the Cubs do not need to pay Bryant from their own funds? Bryant is getting more as the #2 pick than Appel is being remunerated as the #1. I was not a math major, but to me that means Chris and his intransigent agent were overpaid.

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