7/10 Cubs close to deal with Tseng

The Cubs are close to a deal with teenage right-hander Jen-Ho Tseng from Taiwan, according to MLB.com’s Jesse Sanchez. Tseng, ranked No. 29 on MLB.com’s Top 30 List of international prospects is expected to command a bonus of at least $1.5 million. The Cubs would not confirm the report.

Tseng, 18, is a known commodity in the international baseball world and was being pursued by several teams, including the Twins. The teenager is known for his upright, quick delivery and a fastball that can reach 95 mph. Poised and aggressive, he also throws a curveball and slider.

He also has a history on the big stage. A member of the 2012 World Junior Championship, Tseng also played in the 2012 Asian Baseball Championship for the national team for Chinese Taipei. He was the youngest player named to the Chinese Taipei World Baseball Classic roster.

So far, the Cubs have committed $3,470,000 of their $5,520,300 bonus pool to four players: shortstop Gleyber Torres, the top player from Venezuela and third-ranked international prospect, for $1.7 million; and Colombia’s right-handed pitcher Erling Moreno, ranked No. 17, for $650,000. The club also signed right-handed pitcher Jefferson Mejia for $850,000 and added catching prospect Johan Matos for $270,000.

According to Sanchez, the Cubs have a $2.8 million agreement in place with outfield prospect Eloy Jimenez, ranked no. 1, that put them $749,700 — or 13.6 percent — over their pool and into the penalty phase. Teams that exceed their pools by 10 to 15 percent are not allowed to sign a player for more than $500,000 during the 2014-2015 signing period and have to pay 100 percent tax on the pool overage.

In the most severe penalty, teams that exceed their pool by 15 percent or more are not allowed to sign a player for more than $250,000 during the next signing period and have to pay 100 percent tax on the pool overage. The Cubs can still acquire $1,315,600 in slot money because the Collective Bargaining Agreement allows teams to add up to 50 percent of the initial bonus pool, which in Chicago’s case was $4,557,200, but it won’t be enough money to keep them out of the most severe penalty.

Last week, the Cubs acquired four signing bonus slots — two from the Orioles and two from the Astros — in trades worth $963,000 on the first day of the international signing period.


It is very exciting watching the youth and especially talented youth being poured into the lower Minors the last two years. I enjoy watching the stats on these youngsters in the lower minors and watching them progress.
Right now they are just names with potential and as fans, we all know that everyone signed will not make it.
Even when trading Dempster, Maholm, youth has been brought back. Yes it will be awhile, but this fan is enjoying the building from the bottom up.

agree Jasper… now I am not a patient person so it will be hard but man having the 4 guys that we have in the top of our system is pretty freaking awesome… we just got to hope they pan out because not all top prospects do.

Is it me, or is it complicated following all this? One needs to be a whiz at math, or a statistician, or Philadelphia lawyer, or certified accountant, or something along those lines to discipher all these figures. All I know is; are we stockpiling enough young talent to make us competitive in the future? Are there any Yasiel Puig`s in this bunch? Are we making the intelligent selections to get us to that promised land?

According to most scouting reports, Soler has a higher ceiling and has a good chance of being a better major leaguer than Puig. Remember it’s only been a month, the kid’s good but he’s not this good, he won’t hit .400 forever, he has flaws and people are starting to figure those flaws out. Who knows if he’ll be able to make the necessary adjustments

you got in before my post and very well said…… The cuban defectors are huge risks because not much is known about them….

we were #2 in the bidding for Puig… also who knows how Puig continues to play so don’t write him in as a complete success yet… also you are correct on this being complicated thats why numbers and statistics are so huge in the game of baseball….. because its everywhere and pretty much everything. That why I try to point out the facts sometimes in here but everyone gets defensive and doesn’t want to learn anything. Are we acquiring enough young talent? Heck yes I don’t know if we could be acquiring much more than what we are now. Is this a good thing? heck yes but don’t expect ALL of these guys to pan out… I would say if we have 50% of these top notch guys pan out we are doing something GREAT but we won’t know this till about 4 or 5 years down the line. That the downside to baseball…. it takes a lot of time and resources to field great teams. You just gotta stick to the plan and hope it works out. Take your opportunities when they are available…. right now we are acquiring talent…. there will come a time where we will be able to sign that big money guy or trade for that ACE pitcher because we have the young guys.

I also think that as a fan, when you see a guy signed, you want to see immediate super stardom. Most kids cannot come out of college and produce even as well as Valbuena.
They need to compete at their talent level as they get better.
I like to use chain of command as an example. You start at the bottom and work your way up, your talent, dedication and work ethics will get you to the top if your good enough.
Trout is an exception, Puig is an exception (so far ).
That kid in Washington is an example of pure talent, but a nut case. Busting a bat over his head last year after a strikeout. This year running into a wall at full speed. Yes he can hit, but the Minors might have taught him some discipline.

Yeah exactly they are pretty unpredictable due to the fact that we aren’t able to find out much about them before defection. And I can’t stop stressing how little one month of great stats look in the big picture, Puig has been great, I love watching him (and I cant stand the Dodgers) but like I keep saying it’s only been a month. Remember Jeff Francouer’s great start..look how well he kept that up…

Don`t forget Manny Machado. He just turned 21 this week, and is on pace to hit more than 67 doubles for the season; will break the record if he does.

Great point jhosk. I am guilty of being so much into the Cubs, I forget about other teams.
I like reading other posts, they not only teach you, but if your open minded enough, give you different views on the game, players, management.

A few exceptions to the rule of chain of command evidently, and the exceptions are brought to the majors by teams willing to take the chance of exposing their young talented players a little sooner than normal. It seemed like it was working for the Cubs with Castro but look at him now…in a couple of years might the same thing happen to the likes of Puig, Trout, Machado etc? We’ll find out but I give the teams credit for finding out at the major league level when the youngsters are doing very well in the minors. Might Castro be demoted? It’s not only his hitting that is suffering but his fielding and concentration. His recent contract certainly complicates matters if not handcuffs the GM.

Add the new child in his life and learning to cope not being there.
There are exceptions to all rules Joey, just throwing out another perspective.

castro will not get demoted.. he is hitting better recently and is HOPEFULLY on the upswing

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