7/10 Cubs lineup

Jeff Samardzija gets the start Wednesday as the Cubs wrap up the Interleague part of their schedule against the Angels. It’s a shame they won’t play the American League more. The Cubs are 13-6 against AL teams, matching their win total against the tough National League Central (13-26).

Here’s the lineup:

Sappelt RF
Ransom 3B
Rizzo 1B
Soriano LF
Castro SS
Barney 2B
Castillo C
Borbon CF
Samardzija P


In honor of tonight’s win: A tasty rattlesnake stew with toasty venomous bread for all the impolite know-it-all rude (fans?) on this site.. For Mamma Mia – a fresh strawberry rhubarb pie. For Isabel – a frothy chocolate milkshake! Go Cubs anyway!

Nice post. 6 batters to start the game, Angels 5 Cubs not even at the plate yet.


And some brownies for friend joey. A true gentleman.

thought you were sticking to baseball

Illigitimus non carburrndum! Carpe Diem!

Petrey, Since you think we should stick to “baseball” I suggest that we let all the fans who attend the games know that hotdogs, fries, nachos, beer, soft drinks, and any form of food will be banned from the ballpark from now on. Food and baseball simply don’t belong together do they?

That’s more like it White! You are graceful with your well honed wit. Ha! Baseball and food don’t go together….Ha! BULLSEYE, my friend. (Only ONE dish of rattlesnake stew will be needed….)

Why do you fall for that joey, your smarter than that. Shes playing you.

Jasper thanks for your unwarranted concern., I assure you I don’t fall for anything including some of your comments. In fact I pride myself on getting HWSRN to continually fall for most of my comments, regardless of the topic. A very satisfying arrangement and good reason to keep digging under his scaled hide. Also, I appreciate your reference to my intelligence as the two of us have had some decent discussion. I know how smart I am, smart enough to know I thoroughly enjoy and respect White’s non-venomous and polite comments. Long live White. A concern for you would be you writing HWSRN has stated something pretty well. Alas you fall in the minority as you yourself have fallen into a NON-BASEBALL related comment. it’s all fun for me. Hey White, I’m thinking of grilling up some burgers topped off with crumbled blue cheese and a cold beer to wash it down all the while enjoying all the blessings God has granted me, including YOU! Ah! NOW we have it! Baseball, FOOD and GOD. Oh boy, what ever will the cold-hearted, narrow minded say NOW, eh White? Maybe in a few years when the Cubs are more interesting and winning more often we can talk more baseball? But for now all is fair game which brings us to venison…any venison stories you can regale us with White??? 🙂

Jasper – joey is one of the nicest persons on this site. You on the other hand are not nice or polite or smart or pleasant or anyone that I would like to discuss anything with. While joey and I do not always agree on baseball issues, we respect each other’s view points in a kind and polite way. How dare you say that I am “playing” joey. He knows better and I know better so you need to back off on your venomous statements.

how bout you talk food on the cooking blog… this is cubs baseball blog not your social hour… you don’t like it then adios!!! No one will miss your non cubs topics

I was trying to make a point in a different manner, but petrey stated it very well.

The Cubs sure got a whooping in last nights game, no doubt about that.

Petrey and Jasper – Since any talk of food is verboten on this site may I suggest that you contact Len and Jim immediately to let them know that any mention or description of the food they are sampling at the ballpark is not baseball talk and is definitely forbidden, effective immediately. Since you two seem to think you ” own” this site and can dictate what can be written I suggest that you revisit “the freedom of speech” amendment. You are venomous persons and if YOU both left this site YOU would not be missed. Adios!

Dios Mio! Muy bueno Blanco!!!!

De nada. :))

heres a tissue… cry in that

Who’s crying? Not me. Any tears I have are from laughing so hard at your vain attempt to be the “macho boss” of this site. Pathetic.

hahahahahahahahha me try to run this site???? lol joey is the self proclaimed king here…. if i ran this site it would be about cubs baseball nothing else….

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