7/11 Cubs lineup

Edwin Jackson gets the start Thursday night when the Cubs open a four-game series against the Cardinals. Here’s the lineup:

Valbuena 3B
Castro SS
Rizzo 1B
Soriano LF
Schierholtz RF
Bogusevic CF
Barney 2B
Castillo C
Jackson P


Mamma Mia – Waiting to hear from you down there in Mesa. Anything happening? Been a busy time on the site this week. Lots of “baseball” talk. Haha. :))

he’s too busy still trying to “find”me… thought his son would’ve had me by now… lol … he’s probably busy massaging the players necks before every at bat… lol… i like this lineup tho… probably our best chance for success offensively

The revolving door at leadoff continues… De Jesus where are thou?

I would make the Navarro the regular catcher. Neither Navarro or Castillo are defensive scholars. Look at errors, passed balls, Wild piches and stolen bases against.
At least Navarro produces at the plate.
Navarro 117 At Bats 28 Runs produced.
Castillo 236 At Bats 36 Runs produced.
Castllo has double the At Bats with only 8 more runs produced.

Just my opinion, Sveum must have his reasons.

Castillo is not the only one that has not produced for extended periods of time this year. Sveum must be using the same reason he hasn’t replaced other players at those times. Especially players that are expected to be run producers. I don’t think neither Castillo or Navarro are expected to be run producers.

I see your post, but I dont see any examples of what who your speaking of?
Your very good at putting things out there, but not really defining what your opinion really is?
Are you speaking of Barney? Who replaces him? Are you speaking of Soriano? Who replaces his runs produced?
You have many opinions, mostly against Soriano and Garza, but besides those two, you talk around a subject just to add to a conversation??

Yes, Soriano and Barney are good examples of other players that have not produced any offense for EXTENDED periods. Who would replace Soriano’s RUNS PRODUCED? That’s contradictory…we ARE talking about a time when NOT MANY runs WERE being produced by Soriano so I defer the replacement to Sveum or even Hoystein for a REPLACEMENT. NOW that Soriano is FINALLY producing runs he may (God willing) be traded and the CURRENT run production will be harder to replace yet it will be the task of Sveum and or Hoystein to do so.
More than likely during the abysmal months of April and May even the lowly and recently departed Hairston had a likely chance of out producing the Great “Mr. Spring” Soriano. But as a lot of the sports writers have said regarding the Hairston trade he wasn’t used that much by Sveum. But he was one possible replacement, Sweeney being another as I believe he was available to be promoted earlier in the season but was not. As far a Barney, Ransom could have (and still can) replace Barney and out-produce him by far but we don’t see this happening do we? Why? BECAUSE SVEUM IS THE MANAGER and he is stuck on Soriano being a GREAT MVP TYPE player and Barney being a GOLD GLOVE WINNER. Sveum can’t upset THAT apple cart, no sir, he remains nice and cozy THINKING INSIDE THE BOX.

Theres another reason you & I are not in the dugout. So you bench your teams HR & RBI leader from the year before, because he started out slow; replace him with a guy that donr hit RH pitching very well??
Look up Hairston stats against RH pitching joey. In fact it really does help looking up stats before making statements.

there actually is one other reason Navarro might not be in the lineup. Maybe the pitchers prefer Castillo to catch for them.

That could be andrej. Good call. We know Garza prefers Navarro, but not heard of the others preferences.

this seems like a conversation involving a team that is in the playoff hunt. We are in developing talent, rebuild mode. Theorycrafting with what we have available is perfectly legitimate, but not something to really get one’s ire up about over a team in the basement.

Thank you for your input andrej, but you just stated something everyone here has stated since way before Spring Training. We know the Cubs wont compete.
As far as ire? Thats impossible, I never get my ire up.

Well I always wear my seatbelt too. Except for the times I don’t.🙂

You never get your ire up? Who are you trying to kid now? What a joke!

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