7/11 Extra bases

Who’s the Cubs’ first half Most Valuable Player? Dale Sveum picked All-Star Travis Wood.

“To have basically every start a quality start but one, and that was iffy itself, he’s definitely our MVP,” Sveum said.

Wood will start Sunday night in the Cubs’ first half finale against the Cardinals. Sveum has talked to National League manager Bruce Bochy, and said it’s up to the Giants manager as to whether he uses Wood in Tuesday’s All-Star Game at Citi Field.

“I’ll let Bochy know it’s OK with us if [Wood] pitches one inning or he wants him to get a left-hander out, whatever he wants to do with him,” Sveum said.

Wood leads the Major Leagues with 17 quality starts in his 18 games. This will be his first All-Star Game.

* Outfielder David DeJesus, on the disabled list with a sprained right shoulder, could increase his rehab and play in games in Arizona, starting Monday.

DeJesus, who injured his shoulder crashing into the outfield wall June 14 at Citi Field, was hitting off a batting tee on Thursday. Manager Dale Sveum said they will evaluate the outfielder on Sunday to see if he is able to swing at full speed, and if so, DeJesus would likely go to the team’s facility in Mesa, Ariz., for the All-Star break to play.

There is no timetable for DeJesus’ return.

“He’s really close,” Sveum said.

* Luis Valbuena moved from third base to left field for two innings on Wednesday. He’s played four games in the outfield in his career but Sveum felt Valbuena could handle it. Valbuena seems to be able to deal with anything.

“He’s been our most consistent player the last two years,” Sveum said. “The at-bats he has, to have good at-bats against left-handed pitching, like the hit he got off [Matt] Thornton the other night, he’s one of those consistent guys. You put him in the lineup and don’t have to worry about him doing anything stupid. He’s a consistent player.”

— Carrie Muskat


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I agree Wood has been our MVP. What is the club doing to keep him interested in staying with Cubs, and not getting so discouraged with the ineptness that he would want to go elsewhere? Wood had to wait almost six weeks to get his sixth victory, even though he pitched outstandingly in that stretch.

Agree, really hope Management looks into extending Woods contract. He has really found a groove and very good LH starting pitchers are not easy to find.

Agreed. Not to mention a contract extension for him would seal the deal as far as getting a great return for Sean Marshall. I think Wood as well as Samardzjia will be very interested in hanging around for at least a few years just based on the excellent job the FO has done with stocking the minor leagues. Even Garza has mentioned wanting to stay (not likely, I know…) because he sees good things coming. I wouldn’t be surprise as early as next year if some free agents are signed longer than a few years because they too see what’s happening at Wrigley Field, home of the Chi……JUMBOTRON AND LOT’S OF MONEY….and perennial PLAYOFF APPEARENCES!!!

now wait a minute joey… you just the other day didn’t want to give Shark a big extension… and you didn’t want Garza either BUT you want to sign Travis Wood to a long extension bases on a little over a half year of great performance??? Come on man… lets let Travis keep pitching for 500k and when arbitration starts to up his contract THEN talk to him about an extension… I figured you of all people would be whining about spending money

Cubs have control of Travis Wood till 2017… he is staying with the cubs till then

Also good to know. Your just full of good and useful info petrey.🙂

i try… everyone can get most of the information I have by using a thing called GOOGLE but some on this site are too lazy (not you jasper)

I mostly use the Cubs MLB homepage petrey. Most of what I look up is Stats. I am not really up on contracts. In fact, before Epstein and Hoyer, I never really looked at Minor League stats.
This whole building from the bottom up has brought an excitment back for me, that I have not had since the late 60’s.

jasper try using baseball-reference.com… lots of good stuff in there


jasper and jhosk, what year do you think the Cubs will contend for World Series title? (not just a wild card or NL Central title). I would have to question the Cubs signing Garza for an extension instead of trading him, considering his past health issues because if the Cubs will not contend for a WS title within the time frame of that extension Garza’s pitching for the Cubs will be moot. Not to mention the risk of him landing on the DL during that time. I could see the same argument for the Shark but for his good track record of staying healthy. I could see the Cubs trading for some minor league SP that will debut ALONG SIDE the likes of Almora, Soler, Baez, Bryant etc. and if that time we need one or two top of the rotation starters the Cubs can be the team to trade for some other team’s “Garza” or sign a FA or two during the first off season after a credible, winning season. Just sayin….

Nowhere above is mentioned my not wanting to give The Shark a “big” extension, clearly what is said (I apologize to those that CAN read for the redundancy but I have augmented my kind nature due to corresponding with White, one the kindest people on this site so I thought I would help out the literally challenged…) is that I can see an argument being made equating the Shark to Garza BUT FOR his track record of staying healthy….meaning I think it better to give the Shark an extension than Garza. Although nowhere is the extension referred to as “big”. Hey White….too bad we can’t type in a “crayon” font, it might help some of the immature understand us civil and respectful commentators.

garza has only been hurt in the past year… before that he pitched multiple 200 inning years.. and honestly i think Garza would have been playing earlier if we were any good…. Garza’s injuries are not/were not career threatening… no TJS… nothing like that… if anything Garza is “fresher” than Shark…. and Garza is only 1 year older than Shark… they are actually pretty comparable…. I want them both on my team for the next 5-6 years…. that is plenty of time for this team to get turned around. I honestly think 2015 we could squeeze in contention for the NL wildcard….. and as for who is being civil and immature I think you better look in the mirror bud… I didn’t say one thing uncivil or immature… i just called you out on NEVER backing your arguments up with statistical evidence because you are……….. TOO LAZY

petrey, I tell you what disappointed me about Garza. The fact on the first day of ST, hes hurt. I try my best not to be judgementle of anyone, but in this case I am guilty.
A guy that earns that much money, in my mind, should be ready for work. I am saying, he should have been stretched out, muscle wise, before he even arrived at ST.
We blame the bullpen, lack of hitting with runners in scoring position and so on. We will never know if they year would have been different with Garza the whole year.
Although, I never expected the Cubs to compete this year anyway.

I am thinking 2016 for World Series contention, joey. Am trying to be optimistic, but keep in mind I have a proclivity for skepticism I have to wrestle with. Is a struggle. My true condition is best described as a “pessimistic optimist.”

Hi joey- It is looking to me that most of the polite respectful people have pretty much given up writing on this site due to being insulted, degraded, and generally abused by those who think they can dictate the parameters of discussion. Belgian Cubbie, Mamma Mia, Isabel (hardly ever) post anymore. I commend you for hanging in there and hope you don’t get burned like so many of us have. I imagine Carrie will be disappointed when the site is down to only the nasty responders.

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