7/11 Video scoreboard is coming

The Commission on Chicago Landmarks Thursday unanimously approved two outfield signs that are key to Wrigley Field’s renovation plan, including a video scoreboard for left field. The Cubs made compromises since the matter was last discussed by the commission. Instead of a 6,000-square foot video scoreboard in left field, the Cubs say they will accept a 4,560-square foot scoreboard. The Jumbotron will be 95 feet wide, not 100 feet. Plus, instead of installing a 1,000-square foot see-through sign in right, the Cubs were willing to install a 650-square foot see-through sign.

Alderman Tom Tunney had demanded the Cubs reduce the size of the signage in response to complaints from rooftop owners. Tunney, who represents the Lake View neighborhood the ballpark is located in, gave an emotional statement at the meeting.

The Chicago Sun-Times said the compromise on the signage came after Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel stepped in and brokered negotiations between the Cubs and Tunney.

Last month, the landmarks commission approved a master plan for 45,000-square feet of new or existing Wrigley signage, but did not approve the proposed scoreboard or sign the Cubs wanted in left and right fields, respectively.

The signage will help pay for the $500 million renovation plan the Ricketts family has planned for Wrigley Field that includes a hotel on Clark and Addison Streets. The remodel will take five years, and not interrupt play at the 99-year-old ballpark.

— Carrie Muskat


As an intelligent observer remarked more than a month ago, “the Cubs are more likely to win a World Championship than move away from Wrigley Field to a new location.”

I am glad the Cubs are staying, especially with the improvements. Very happy Ricketts stuck to his plan. However if that Alderman won the sign battle, a new Ball Park would have been fine too.
Hoping that community votes that Alderman out.

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