7/11 Wrigley signs to be discussed

The Commission on Chicago Landmarks will meet today to discuss two outfield signs that are key to Wrigley Field’s renovation. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, there has been some compromise since the city and the Cubs last met. Instead of a 6,000-square foot video scoreboard in left field, the Cubs say they will accept a smaller 4,500-square foot scoreboard. The Jumbotron will be 95 feet wide, not 100 feet. Plus, instead of installing a 1,000-square foot see-through sign in right, the Cubs want to install a 650-square foot see-through sign.

Ald. Tom Tunney demanded the Cubs reduce the size of the signage. He also wanted the Cubs to drop plans for a pedestrian bridge over Clark Street that would connect a Cubs-built hotel to the team’s new office building, plus eliminate an outdoor deck on the hotel.

The Sun-Times said the compromise on the signage comes after negotiations between the Cubs and Tunney brokered by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Last month, the landmarks commission approved a master plan for 45,000 square feet of new or existing Wrigley signage, but did not approve the scoreboard or sign proposed for left and right fields, respectively.

The signage is part of a $500 million renovation plan by the Ricketts family for Wrigley Field that includes a hotel on Clark and Addison Streets.

The Wrigley project still must be approved by the Chicago Plan Commission and the City Council.


come on don’t give in to this crap…. stand your ground…get what the cubs deserve

What can you say on this?
All I can think of, is to remember the name ( Ald. Tom Tunney ) come election time and vote opposite that name.

i mean honestly I really wish the cubs would be firm and if they don’t get what they want then LEAVE the city of Chicago…. there are better offers out there that could produce EVEN MORE revenue than where they are located. I am tired of Chicago thinking they can run everything… this is a business and should be allowed to conduct there business to maintain maximum profits. The rooftops and the surrounding area are mooching off the cubs

Agree 100%. The business in that area makes their living off the Cubs. I love Wrigley Field, would hate to see it go, but, business is business.

the thing I think a lot of us don’t see is the fact that we go to see the Cubs win baseball games NOT because of Wrigley FIeld…. the atmosphere at Wrigley is from the FANS not the park… the scoreboard can be moved…. the ivy can be regrown… the fans will follow the cubs… BUT if you move somewhere that is easier to get to… better to watch a game with the newer amenities or heck even getting the dang poles out of your way… a new stadium could be even better and a bigger draw to fans. The bar scene could be rebuilt under the Cubs businesses to where it is actually making the cubs money there…. possibly even 365 days a year… a hotel with a nice big parking garage could be used for other purposes and still generate income. Wrigleyville could truly become its own little town….. thats what i think would be awesome…. as for the history of Wrigley, i say WHAT HISTORY???? Losing?? Not interested….. I wanna see the Cubbies turn into the lovable WINNERS…. its time for change.. time to move on… you don’t see the Yankees complaining cause they lost Yankee Stadium (the stadium with the MOST history… and yes they blew that place to PIECES and rebuilt)

Well put petrey, you have a vision and it would be ok with this fan.
I do like the history, but to keep some of it. build an replica of Wrigley complete with Ivy. Very nice thought.

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