7/12 Bryant at Wrigley

The Cubs will introduce Kris Bryant Friday at Wrigley Field. The team’s first-round Draft pick, the second player taken overall, also was expected to take batting practice with the big league team. Bryant led the nation in home runs at San Diego, and was considered the best hitter available in the Draft.

— Carrie Muskat


What does “slot money” mean? See { 7/10 Cubs and Bryant–UPDATED}.

under new CBA each pick has a MAXIMUM amount it is allowed to spend… this year it was 6.7 mill and some odd change

With the limited amount of money that teams can now spend on draft picks, each round has a suggested dollar amount. His bonus was inline with that dollar amount.
Or that is what they were saying in the comments, I did not check on the numbers.

Explained that very well Doug.

It would be fun to watch Batting Practice today. I would like to see how a 2nd round Draft Pick handles himself around the ML team. Also people make a huge deal about not using a wooden bat in college. Would enjoy watching this.

Here at the game now jasper, he has been putting on a pretty good show. It was funny, before I got here I didn’t know he’d be here, then I see someone I don’t recognize hitting bombs outta here and realize its Bryant. He looked good, drove the ball to all fields, nice smooth swing, he has me excited for the future

Really envy you briney.🙂 Sounds like he took to a wood bat real fast. lol dont know if your a collector of Baseball memborelia, but I would get a Program, Ticket Stub and Newspaper articles on this, then put it away for about 15 years.

the big deal these days isn’t as big as it USED to be BUTTTTTTTTTTT the kid is going from a -3 bat to probably a 0 or +1….. meaning weight minus length….. that extra weight can slow a swing down … also wood bat aren’t balanced the same way some bats are… it’ll just take some time but the adjustment shouldn’t be drastic

Good info for a guy thats only ever used a wood bat. But according to what briney212 witnessed, sounds like a smooth change.

ya the new BBCOR bats really should make the transition much easier as the new BBCOR bats are just as dead as a wood bat… BBCOR is the new standard in metal/composite bats

Bryant was picked in second round? I thought it was first. If jasper is right, I want to see someone defend giving 6.7 mil to a second rounder, and tell me Bryant was still not overpaid.

Could be Jasper made a mistake. 1st round, second pick sound better? lol

To clarify, Bryant was the second pick taken overall, and was selected in the first round. And the bats do make a difference. His dad said Kris started using the BBCOR bats his freshman year and hit 9 HRs; could’ve easily had 20. The bats have improved a little but Bryant’s dad is not a fan. And to those who saw him take BP, scouts/Cubs execs said it’s rare for Bryant to hit HRs then. He usually works on hitting to the opposite field or center and saves the HRs for the game.

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