7/12 Theo: “There’s a lot of chatter”

With the Trade Deadline on July 31, Theo Epstein is getting plenty of phone calls from teams interested in Cubs players. Matt Garza is high on some team’s lists, as well as relievers Kevin Gregg and James Russell and outfielder Nate Schierholtz.

Garza is considered the best starting pitcher on the market.

“Obviously, he’s throwing extremely well and he’s very healthy and there are teams out there looking for pitching who are going to call and try to acquire him,” Epstein said Friday. “For us, he’s helping us win games now, there’s a chance to possibly retain him beyond this year, so we’ll just balance all that out and do what’s best for the organization.”

It is a busy time of the season.

“There’s a lot of chatter going on right now,” Epstein said. “I wouldn’t say anything major is imminent. There’s a lot of talk, and we’ll continue to stay abreast with what other teams are trying to do as their situation changes.”

This is the second year the Cubs have been sellers. That’s not a position Epstein wants to be in.

“We wanted to be buyers this year,” he said. “With a few breaks, this year, we could’ve been in a much different situation. If some one-run games early change, and different bullpen situations [it could’ve been different]. The goal every year is to be in a position where you’re looking to add and have a strong pennant push.”

— Carrie Muskat


I have an interesting question for you Carrie. The Cubs are 41-49 currently. 4 games change and they are at 45-45. Do you think being at .500 or just possibly slightly over .500 at say 46-44 would change if the Cubs were buyers or sellers? I see sometimes teams have to be so far ahead of .500 for them to be buyers, so I was just curious if you thought that Theo would think simiilarly. Thanks for your comments.

Don’t want to speak for Carrie, but I’d say no. Its about the standings. they have 3 teams ahead of them by double digits in the division alone. Than there so many more ahead of them in the wild card. Not only would the Cubs have to be scorching hot in the 2nd half, but 6-10 teams would have to fall off the edge of the world for the cubs to be in the post season.

Being .500 or above doesn’t matter. The standings do, and they’d still be 10 games back of STL with 2 other teams ahead of them & a bunch of teams ahead in the WC races. They’d need to be around 47-43 to be a buyer.

Whom does Theo think he is snowing? He knew the Cubs would be sellers this season, and will be sellers in 2014 also. Is a five year plan. Please do not play us. We are not as dumb as we look sometimes.

Straight UP Jhosk.
Ridiculous that, THAT statement could even come out of his mouth….
Makes him sound like an Idiot!!!! What’s next A Gorilla Costume?

Keep Garza. I don’t want to see another Maddux SNAFU.

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Thanks, Johnny. You’re correct. Sorry for not responding sooner. I get wrapped up in game duties, probable pitchers, Minor League reports, etc. etc

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