7/13 Cubs lineup

Matt Garza takes the mound Saturday night when the Cubs face the Cardinals in the third game of their four-game series. Here’s the lineup:

Valbuena 3B
Castro SS
Rizzo 1B
Soriano LF
Navarro C
Bogusevic CF
Sappelt RF
Barney 2B
Garza P


Mamma Mia, I hear that you will be seeing DeJesus in Mesa! Hope you are not getting hit by the dust storms! Please let me know how all is going down there.

Valbueno looking better and better at 3rd. Borbon not so much. Looking forward to seeing Cole Gillespie getting some playing time. Awesome game last night!

His career ba of about .219 is not so impressive but I too still look forward to any new Cub making their debut, as I was with Bogusevic who is serviceable but has not impressed greatly. Borbon…..I think this may be his only Cubs’ season….as a fill in. These are the types of players we will be seeing and forced to accept instead of seeing what Sczuzr has to offer? Another awesome game last night vs. the Cards! Soriano stays HOT, the Fox announcers really played him up yet the Fox announcers are puzzled that there is no trade talk involving Soriano? They must have brushed under the carpet his contract/salary not being worth it to a new team. I am still hoping something gets done with him via a trade and the Cubs eat what money they have to in order to get it done. He may never be more tradable than he is right now and there will be no play off for him if he remains a Cub next season. Win/win would be a trade to a contender and Soriano can regain some pride and ANOTHER chance to help ANOTHER team in the playoffs since he failed miserably playoff-wise for the Cubs.

The Oregonians are coming to get you joey. :)). I watched Gillespie play at Oregon State and hope he will do well at Wrigley. Even if he is being used as a “stop gap” until others come up from the minors I am happy to give him a warm welcome.

Okee Dokee White….I’m with ya’.

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