7/19 Matt Garza rumors

Matt Garza tweeted Friday morning that he was headed to Denver to join the Cubs, who open a three-game series there. How long will he stay? According to FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal, the Cubs and Rangers are close to a deal. Among the names discussed are Triple-A third baseman Mike Olt and Class A right-hander C.J. Edwards. Edwards, 21, is 8-2 with a 1.83 ERA at Class A Hickory with 122 strikeouts and 34 walks. Rosenthal reports the Cubs will receive a strong package of prospects for Garza, who will be a free agent at the end of the season.

— Carrie Muskat


I really don’t want olt…. he’s the 3b bjax.. give me a guy who doesn’t strike out a ton… screw power

Speaking of Bjax, I wonder if Theo and Jed have soured on him and Vitters to the point where they’d be willing to send one or both along with Garza to help sweeten the pot.

If anyone has soured on Jackson, it was Jackson. I can understand the young man being a little bitter, but it should be at himself. Called up last year and did perform close to a ML player.
This year at AAA, he decides to jump on the Stewart bandwagon, telling people what a great guy he is and how Stewart is one of the best team mates ever. Knowing Stewart is being a problem to management.
Jackson then goes on the DL, upon his return Management wants him to start back at AA, instead of accepting that like a professional, he starts complaining to the press.
My opinion only, but for Jackson, as usual, thats strike 3!! (1) Stewart did not need your help against management. (2) Accept your assignments, while keeping your mouth shut!! (3) You want people to listen to your plight in life, make contact with the ball.
If I was Hoyer or Epstein, this guy would be gone already. ( my opinion only )

Olt is not in the trade. Big name is suppose to be Perez. This is why the trade is taking so long. Texas is refusing to give up Perez. Other names are Jackson, and a catcher who is ranked #3 on the Texas prospect chart. Cubs don’t need Olt. We have four guys in the minors playing third already, Bryant, Vitters, Canderlario and Vallanueva. I think Theo will trade Garza to another team at this point. Perez is the hang up on this trade.

Maybe the Cubs need Olt in order to trade him to yet another team later?

Looking at Olts stats, I would say his value is way down compared to this time last year. Maybe a Jackson/Olt trade straight up would do them both some good. joey can you think of another team that would want Olt bad enough to get any value out of him at this point?

Jasper, not off hand really but the Astros may be interested considering how much re-building they need to do, may convert Olt to a first baseman or now even have the option of him being a DH. The kid had such promise at one point (more than Vitters in my opinion) that a team like the Astros may take a chance and give up a low level minor league pitching prospect considering Olt’s one time promise. Jasper, do you think Olt is ahead of Vitters as far as being ML ready? I would rather take my chances with Olt….I think….

That question leads to many others, at least to me joey. Example being, will Valbuena still be a Cub after this month? If so, no need for Olt or Vitters this year. Cubs are not going anywhere, so no need to trade for Olt, unless there is unknown factors (to us ) about Olt’s season.
Have I given up on Vitters? Not completely, hes still only 23 or so, still has a couple years before giving up on him.
Also, look at cubs talk’s post above, the addition of Villanueva and Bryant makes the Cubs future at 3rd look much better.
If I had a concern about 2014-2016, it would be Catcher and Pitching. As you know, there is never enough quality Pitching. I look at the MinorLeague stats alot, there is not much in the way of catching. ( my opinion ) I do not see Castillo as the defensive/offensive catcher the Cubs need to compete 2015 & beyond.

Truism…quickest path to The Show…be a good catcher. If you have offensive skills, it’s a plus.

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