7/19 Matt Garza update

Matt Garza is one of the most coveted names on this year’s trade market. And he’s still waiting. Garza is well aware he’s at the heart of trade rumors, but he’s waiting for the “could” to turn into an official deal.

”When it rains, then it will be real,” Garza told reporters in Denver, including MLB.com’s Ian McCue, before the Cubs’ series opener Friday against the Rockies. “Right now it’s just rumors. It is what it is, you just keep going about your business.”

While the Rangers are rumored to be the frontrunners to land the pitcher widely considered the of the top arms ahead of the non-waiver Trade Deadline, the Dodgers, Indians, Nationals and Blue Jays are also rumored to be in the market for Garza.

Garza also said his agent was told a deal could happen, but this isn’t his first time his name has been the hot topic of trade rumors. The Cubs were looking to deal him before a right elbow injury last July. He already has been traded twice in his career — first from the Twins to the Rays in 2007, then to the Cubs in 2011.

”Last year they told me something could happen, and the year before that something could and did happen,” he said. “ … So my entire career’s always been a lot of ‘coulds.’”

That experience makes Garza hesitant to believe he will be out of a Cubs uniform in the next week until the pen hits the paper. For now, the waiting game continues.

“I’m just going to keep going until a ‘could’ turns into a ‘does’ and I’ll keep doing what I do,” Garza said. “Just kind of stick with a nice time-old saying from [the movie] Finding Nemo: ‘Just keep swimming guys,’ that’s it.”

Garza threw a bullpen on Friday in Denver. His next scheduled start is Monday against the Diamondbacks.

In Arlington, Texas, Rangers GM Jon Daniels and various assistants kept busy in their offices on Friday while working on a deal to acquire Garza.
As various names get tossed into the rumor mill – most notably infielders Mike Olt and Luis Sardinas and pitchers Neil Ramirez and C.J. Edwards – indications are the talks continue but with no resolution in sight as the Rangers prepared to play the Orioles on Friday.

“I’ll get excited if what we’re talking about comes to fruition,” manager Ron Washington said told reporters in Arlington, including MLB.com’s T.R. Sullivan. “I’m not going to get excited if the property we’re talking about is not ours. This is a tough business. You’ve got to play with what you have. That’s the attitude we have.”

If Ramirez is involved in the deal, it didn’t keep him from starting for Double A Frisco against Corpus Christi in the first game of a doubleheader on Friday.


If the Nationals (reportedly) give the Cubs better or more prospects than the Rangers supposed 4 (2 pitchers, Olt & the second baseman), Jump on it. I know it’s just not Garza & Sherholtz, but that’s a good package from the Rangers. Calling Mr. Rizzo in Washington?

When these Baseball experts say a deal is 99% certain…..it means that Theo has messed up another trade…..i.e Marmol…….

there are other teams looking for a pitcher like Garza……..closer to the deadline, the more panic we hear about teams wanting a pitcher…..and the price goes up..

I have to say that Carrie Muskat has more inside Cubs infor than other local Cubs websites that always “think” they know what is happening. I recommend this Cubs site over others. Read Cubs information here first, before seeing it paste & copy on other Cubs sites.

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