7/20 Matt Garza update

Talks between the Cubs and Rangers regarding Matt Garza reportedly hit a snag Friday. FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal said the problem may have been related to the medical records of one or more of the players in the deal. Garza threw a bullpen on Friday in Denver and was prepping for his Monday start against the Diamondbacks. A National League team could get involved, and there were reports that the Nationals were interested in the right-hander. Stay tuned.


Reports had Rangers Ramirez not passing his physical……

need to wait for the Rangers to get their act together…..meanwhile, the Cubs can seek other teams on their offers for Garza and other players……

Once Garza trade is made, a flood of other trades will happen.

Are there not five clubs or more interested in Matt`s services? Matt`s agent was told yesterday that Garza would for sure be traded, and that those five clubs or whatever the number is need to submit their best bids.

Why trade Garza? He is just 29 with in the next 6 years he will be in his prime. Keep him and build a staff around Matt. If you cannot resign him you end up with a draft pick.

Garza must go for prospects. healthy ones. look at how many time he has been hurt in the last three years Archer is a better and more reliable pitcher and we don’t have him any more

Archer is not better and could be just a big of injury risk…. the talent isn’t even comparable

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