7/22 Chris Rusin to start Monday

Matt Garza is close to joining the Rangers, and has been scratched from Monday’s start. Lefty Chris Rusin will start Monday night for the Cubs against the Diamondbacks. Rusin started July 2 against the Athletics, and gave up three runs over 3 1/3 innings. This will be his ninth career big league start.


Cubs are playing the D-backs, not the Rangers??

Now that Matt Garza has been traded………can we start the Jeff Samrdzija trade rumors??????…………..Lets see what Oakland or Arizona would give up in Prospects for Samardzija on the 11th hour of the trade dead line.

I do not want to see Smardz traded. Who agrees with myself?

I agree with you 100 percent jhosk. I would want Samardj to be with us for a long time. Will miss Garza even though it seemed like it was time to trade him BUT not Samardj! Pitching for the rest of the season is looking pretty thin. Also, WHY Olt? We just signed Bryant for 3rd and Olt’s vision is suspect. I hope Olt’s vision is not a long term problem for his sake. Concussions can cause life long issues.

Olt is hitting over 400 in his last ten games since his eye medical issue was solved.

Didnt know Olt had an eye issue?? Was it a serious problem or been healed completely?

Lack of tears…..I am serious……..Olt could not produce tears………….Cubs fans always get into a crying mood ….I hope Olt does not make them cry even more.

Hitting .290 last ten games, 3 HR 9 RBI’s. 410 OBP

Garza traded to Rangers. We are in Arizona for Diamondbacks game. Easy to get confused with all the trade talk ! A bit of a relief to get it settled finally!! Sure hope Rusin can step in and do a good job. I will miss Garza a ton but wish him well.

Future Cubs Lineup……2016 ?

CF – Almora / Jimenez
2B – Alcantara /Amaya
LF – Baez
1B – Rizzo / Vogelbach
3B – Olt
RF – Soler / Bryant
SS -Castro / Torres
C – Castillo

Bench – Lake, Vitters, Jackson, Candelario, Szczur…..

White, that was a significant point you make re: concussions. Hope Olt overcomes that issue and his recent numbers at Round Rock are encouraging. That he is a Connecticut native and played college ball at UConn I see as advantageous. That program almost always overachieves. Am liking Edwards the more I learn about the young man. Could be the gem of this deal. His punch out numbers at Hickory are off the charts. Is a long way from the majors, but the kid has the potential to rival Pierce Johnson in ranking as our top pitching prospect.

Not sure about this trade or any for that matter. Only time will tell as we can all look back and “then” say with 20/20 vision… That being said, the new management really gutted the Cubs over the past 2 years, I remember thinking, can you at least get something, even some prospects for the large contracted folks you dumped 2 years ago, it is like they gave it away with nothing in return. Having been in and associated with baseball for years, a very over-looked or under-appreciated asset is a mature player that can also mentor. It can be very hard for a young team to come together in unity when there are no leaders. It was hard seeing Dempster go because of this. Same for the way the Cubs let Kerry Woods go after his first season as a closer. If he could have stayed with no breaks in his service, who knows what would have happened in regard to Marmol, who benefited by having Wood there. So, now no Dempster or Garza. I do not consider Soriano a leader like Dempster, Wood and Garza. This will be very interesting to watch the rest of the season and see if they do just like last year, which was horrible after Dempster was traded. Well, as we Cubs fan always say, there is always next year.

Who is gone that could have taken the Cubs to the Playoff’s?

All I am saying is that when considering a trade of any kind, team dynamics needs to be taken into account and often it is not. The Cubs have a sad history when it comes to trades over the past many decades. I do not have a problem with “shaking” things up and knew it was coming but also feel that whoever was running the show needs to be an advocate for the organization, get the best deals possible for the Cubs. With all the pomp and circumstance that came with the new management 2 years ago, putting Rizzo aside, I thought more prospects could have been gotten to potentially beef up our farm system. After gutting it the way they did, and to only have a few leaders left and they actually came together as a team and were playing decently, then to trade away a leader look what happened. I know sometimes an organization holds onto someone too long but the opposite can happen too. It takes time to gain unity amongst a group of players. Look at the SF Giants, yes they did gut some before the 2010 season and made trades along the way but they also kept some key players around that were also leaders and that paid off not only for 2010 but again in 2012. Time will tell how this trade pans out but at some point after the amount of gutting that has taken place to the team, you have to let them have time playing together, go through growing pains together, being around each other. I did not expect the Cubs last year or this year to go the WS but one cannot be short-sided when making a judgement. As a chess player does, an organization also needs to look 10 moves ahead because maybe no WS this year or next year but a move you make today could cost you a WS down the line.

Ok, what trades has Hoyer made that you wouldnt have? You say get youth to build and thats all they have done.
You say the leaders are gone, ok? Who cares, the team was so bad, if there were any leaders, there is no one to lead. They are building as you say, so which trades do you disapprove of and why?

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