7/22 Cubs 4, D-Backs 2

Junior Lake had his first four-hit night, and hit his first Major League home run, to lead the Cubs to a 4-2 victory over the Diamondbacks at Chase Field. Lake belted a two-run shot in the fifth, and added a RBI single in the ninth to back Chris Rusin, who made a strong bid for the vacancy in the Cubs rotation. Rusin was subbing for Matt Garza, traded to the Rangers earlier in the day. The lefty would like to stay. He gave up two hits, including a bloop double that landed between Lake and shortstop Starlin Castro, and walked two over five-plus innings. Dioner Navarro, who had been matched up with Garza over his last six outings, still got the start Monday, and the catcher delivered a solo home run with one out in the second.

Lake now has nine hits in his first four career games, the most by a Cubs player since Andy Pafko did so in 1943. Lake also is the first Cubs player with a four-hit effort within his first four Major League games since Steve Lake (no relation) did so April 26, 1983, against the Padres.

“He might have found his niche right now,” Dale Sveum said of Lake, who has been playing center.

When promoted, it was thought that Lake would stay until David DeJesus returned from a shoulder injury. DeJesus is close to returning. Will the rookie stay?

“Right now, I’d be pretty stupid to say, ‘No,'” Sveum said. “Hopefully, we don’t have to send him down.”

Said Lake: “I’m going to keep working hard to make it hard on the front office. If you keep working hard, something happens.”

Rusin will stay in the rotation, filling the spot vacated by Matt Garza’s departure.

— Carrie Muskat


A very good game by Junior Lake who is hitting a robust .529. Good efforts all around. This should lift some spirits in the dugout.

Dont forget that catch in foul grounds by Gillespi.

Winning is FUN! My daughter was at game and kept sending pictures (even though I was watching it here in Portland).Cole Gillespie is impressive – great catch – BUT our guys are finding too many walls to hit! No more injuries please.

I am away for a few days on an assignment, just now acquired internet access. Missed a few games White. Lake is impressive so far!! What did Gillespie do? Great catch at the wall?? I missed it!! I hope as I said in an earler post that Lake makes it VERY difficult for the geniuses to send him back down and for the genius Sveum to bench him in favor of Soriano, DeJesus, Schierholtz or Bogusevic when all are healthy. LAKE is who we need to see the rest of the year to find out if he will make us forget Bret Jackson?? Soriano and even the hard playing DeJesus are irrelevant to the future progress of this team. Trade bait at best. Hope you’re doing well White, may not have internet access again soon….gotta go…

The Geniuses brought him up, if he keeps hitting like he is, there is no reason to send him back down.
It is rumored this morning that Soriano will be going to the Yankess. That will be a true blessing as maybe you can get over him.
You know that DeJesus is in the OF as a starter until younger guys start making their way up. He has been a good Cub, good team mate, helps the community, why you start putting him down, I dont know.
Good things are happening, but you have a way of putting a negative spin on everything.

At least maybe we can get over having soriano bashing in every freaking post… gets old…. especially when soriano has been the best offensive weapon on this team so far…. IDC how bad his start was or is …. the stats average it out and he has been the production on this team overall this year… we are seriously going for a high draft pick again. I’m guessing #3 or #4…. but we need to be .500 next year and possible buyers at deadline ( price or/and Stanton),…… system has been built …. keep drafting smart but time to build the mlb club

Uhhhhh…actually READING my comment….I described DeJesus as HARD PLAYING (that’s a good thing Jasper) and then referred to him as irrelevant TO THE FUTURE progress of the team.
THAT’S putting him down? C’mon man, that’s just the accepted notion, NONE of the current regular starting outfielders are relevant to the future of this team other than in a trade. So I am all for having Lake STICK after MAKING HIS WAY UP ALREADY. DeJesus IS a good outfielder and in no way did I disparage his ability to help this team (or any team) win SOME games occassionally but he is in no way the caliber of ballplayer that is percieved for the future STARTING outfied of a perenial title challenging team. WE NEED BETTER than DeJesus, that is not the same as putting him down. He may very well be a strong contributor to a playoff team as a role player. Oh, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say…can’t wait for the too little too late “Bringer Of A Championship” Soriano is no onger COMFORTABLY ruling in hell on this Cubs team.

Barney has been doing great! Still a little rusty but he’s getting there!🙂

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