7/22 Minor matters – UPDATED

Sunday’s games

Barret Loux gave up three hits over five scoreless innings in Iowa’s 3-0 loss to Round Rock. Josh Vitters singled, and now has hit in five straight games. Alberto Cabrera struck out two over two scoreless innings in his Iowa debut.

Javier Baez, Arismendy Alcantara and Rubi Silva each had a hit but that was it for the Smokies in Tennessee’s 8-1 loss to Jacksonville. A.J. Morris took the loss, giving up two earned runs over four innings.

Ben Wells gave up three runs over four innings in Daytona’s 7-5 loss to St. Lucie. Dustin Geiger hit a double and drove in a run, and Elliot Soto had two RBIs.

Tayler Scott, activated from the DL, gave up two earned runs over six innings in Kane County’s 6-5, 10-inning win over Lansing. Reggie Golden hit his fourth home run, Gioskar Amaya was 4-for-4, and Dan Vogelbach drove in the game-winner with a RBI single in the 10th. Albert Almora had three hits, including a triple.

James Pugliese gave up two hits over five scoreless innings in Boise’s 7-0 win over Everett. Shawon Dunston was 4-for-5 with two RBIs, Cael Brockmeyer had two hits and one RBIs, and David Bote had two hits and three RBIs.

David DeJesus was 1-for-4 with a double and struck out twice in the Rookie League team’s 10-9, 10-inning loss to the Dodgers. Kris Bryant, the Cubs’ No. 1 pick in the June Draft, made his pro debut, and was 0-for-3 and made three errors (two throwing, one fielding) and made a nice catch in the second. Francisco Sanchez hit a three-run homer and Jacob Hannemann started in right and hit a RBI double.


I flew out to watch all three games with Rockies sat wright behind cubs dugout got to watch all the players and the way they cared there self we stayed at same hotel I’m 62 years old been watching cubs games sense 1965. Our South American players are having trouble fitting in with the fans and over all we have a long way to go.

You hit on a point I have written about for a couple years. Lets use Soler as an example. The Cubs sign him and fans want to see him in the Majors now, they want HR’s and RBI’s now!
Having been to a few Foreign Counties myself, the adjustment is huge. Yes its a game, the rules are the same, but factors that play in, affect the talent shown and not all foreign ballplayers react the same.
You mention fan interaction, some still dont speak english. How hard is it for them to go to McDonalds for a sandwich? Most are very young and away from family the first time. Some have to leave their wifes behind when on the road knowing their wifes dont speak english.
There is alot of pressure and worries for these players that most people dont even think about. Then they have to perform to peoples expectations or get boo’ed. Then one might think, well they have the manager or coaching staff to help them out. Of course they do, but in the minors the staff is very limited.
Very rough adjustment coming to a new country, learning the language and customs while trying to perform to fan expectations.

It is rough for these Baseball rookies…..trying to learn languages of this country….I also have trouble understanding people who live here that came from India, China, South America, Pakistan, Mexico…..goes both was it seems…..Pressure?…..playing baseball is a pressure game?……ask that to the soldier walking the front lines over in Afghanistan……or the Cop walking his beat in the gang filled communities of Chicago!……..none of them are making $500,000 a year……or millions like Starlin Castro.

Exactly what I am talking about Cubs Talk. It dont matter how much you make, if your 18, from another country, you have more problems coming America than just playing basbeall.
The reason I understand that is because, I was the soldier you speak about.

I wrote on the 7/20 Cubs Lineup site about exactly this same thing — “What can we do for our team”. I am thinking one of the things we can do is to make an effort to welcome our young players from other countries, help them learn to adjust to a new country, help them with language barriers, be there for their families when they are on the road — there are so many ways to let them know we are behind them.

We have heard so much hype that involves Garza but we havent heard any other news or updates of such as Soriano, Gregg or any other possibilities……tell me there are other things going on besides Garza……

The Cubs Organization have one of the best education system at their baseball academy in all of baseball. The Cubs FO helps its Latin players how to adjust to American life, educate them in basic skills, house them, feed them, etc. There are mentors who help these players when they do arrive at the major level. I have to say that excuse of being a stranger in a new climate should not be used when you fail to hit, run or throw. Its baseball…….there are other professional fields in life that has more pressure put on a person than what a foreign baseball player has.

If you want to talk about how players had to adjust to baseball life, look no forward than to Jackie Robinson who had more obstacles in his baseball career than Latin players have today. And Robinson was a born American, a military veteran. Not a kid from an island in the Caribbean.

MLB has seen a reduction of African Americans in the game due to the rise of Latin players.

The Cubs have a education system at their academy in the DR?? Individuals all handle things different, should it be military or baseball. I am sure you understand that not everyone is Jackie Robinson, thats the reason Jackie was hand picked by Branche Rickey. < spelling?
I am also sure you know the reason for the rise Latin Players. They get out and play baseball, Americans of all races are inside playing video games.

MLB & Ken Rosenthal announcing a Garza trade has happen. Details coming soon.

Olt, Edwards & 3rd player for Garza.

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