7/22 Reaction to Ryan Braun’s suspension

On Monday, Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun was suspended without pay for the remainder of the season for violating the Basic Agreement and its Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. Here’s some reaction from the Cubs:

* Manager Dale Sveum:
“It’s unfortunate for baseball, it’s unfortunate for the Brewers organization. I’m just glad it’s kind of finally over. Now he’s come out and obviously admitted it to the public and apologized. I think it’s the best thing to happen to Braun and the organization. He’ll be able to play Opening Day next year and everything is behind him as well as the organization and the players he let down … and the fans who have supported him for six years in the organization. At least now it’s finished, it’s over and they can move on.”

* Jeff Samardzija:
“It is what it is, I guess. You shouldn’t be taking things you shouldn’t be taking, connected to people you shouldn’t be connected to. Nowadays, you can’t hide from anything. That’s what it tells you is that everything you’re doing is going to be found out and going to be talked about.”

* Alfonso Soriano:
“I think sometimes people don’t realize how good they are. They want to go try something else. I just focus and try to do my job and not pay attention to what happens outside of baseball.

“I remember my first year, maybe people used [PEDs], but they didn’t have tests. Now they have tests and people have to be careful what they use, what they drink. It’s not the money, it’s not the suspension. For me personally, it’s family, friends, fans, what you do to your teammates, all that kind of stuff — the money is not important but how your family, how people want to treat your family, that’s hard. I never want to try to do anything negative because I did something wrong. I don’t want to do anything wrong to make it bad on myself or bad for my family.”

— Carrie Muskat


Braun is a hypocrite and embraces mendacity. Remember when he was accused of being dirty the first time and vociferously expressed innocence? He evaded a suspension then on a technicality. Mamma Mia had him pegged accurately all along. He`s a cheater.

Right on, jhosk! We really need to hear from Mamma Mia! Please come back with your wonderful narratives! Don’t make me sad!

me thinks he got off way too easy. How about a Pete Rose sentence?

He got caught, he admitted it this time, he got a 65 game suspension without pay losing over 3 Million dollars.
So now we can call him names, boo him next year, verbally convict him and pretend we are perfect.

Is not that simple, jasper. This is egregious. Is not comparable to cheating on one`s taxes or jaywalking. Braun lies like a rug. Deserves an acting award for the manner in which he defended himself 17 months ago when first accused. I even believed the dude. He apparently has been using on consistent basis ever since. That takes gonads. His enablers will excuse his behavior. I shall not. Ron Emberg is onto something. This dude deserves baseball`s death penalty: a lifetime ban. But, of course, he will be treated with kid gloves and come back next season and everyone will be expected to forgive the cheater, and put his transgressions in rear view mirror and move forward. I shall not be among that ilk.

How will you feel when AROD is found out? These guys will eventually all dig their own grave, Its just a matter of waiting and watching. Just happy no Cubs are named.

Bravo, I could not have said it better

ARod could receive a longer suspension than Braun, I`ve heard. Rumor is there is a mountain of evidence on Alex. Won`t see me shed any tears as am not a fan of either him or Yankees.

Agree jhosk. The baseball world will go crazy, as I said, I will just sit back and watch. They will all get caught. This will be Bartolo Colons second time, if they caught him.

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