7/23 Soriano to Yankees? – UPDATED

The Cubs have made five trades this month, including Monday’s deal which sent Matt Garza to the Rangers. Could Alfonso Soriano be next? The Yankees, meanwhile, have been shut out eight times this season. Might they be serious about turning to a blast from the past to add some punch to their lineup?

The New York Post’s George King reported on Tuesday that the Yankees were “close” to acquiring Soriano from the Cubs. According to the Post, the Cubs would pay the bulk of the money remaining on Soriano’s contract. The 37-year-old outfielder is making $18 million this year, and owed $18 million in 2014. According to FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal, the key in the negotiations will be the amount of money the Cubs include in the deal. Both reports pointed out that the Yankees want to stay under the $189 million luxury-tax threshhold next season.

Speaking on MLB Network Radio Tuesday, Cubs GM Jed Hoyer called the reports about Soriano “very premature.”

“We’ve had some discussions with different teams about ‘Sori,’ and there’s nothing close at all,” Hoyer said. “It’s not nearly as advanced as reports have made it seem.”

Hoyer was headed to Arizona, and was expected to meet with Soriano, who was the subject of trade rumors last year.

“Last year, we took things to him on an individual basis when teams asked about him,” Hoyer said. “He’s got 10-5 [rights], he has the right, and has earned the right to veto deals. We’re not going to push him in any direction. we’ll certainly give him some of the teams that have inquired about him.”

The Cubs, who picked up four prospects in the Garza deal, will be looking for a top prospect. The New York Post’s Joel Sherman reports the Cubs scouted Triple-A right-hander Chase Whitley over the weekend. Whitley, 24, has a 3.52 ERA over 38 1/3 innings.

Soriano, who began his Major League career with the Yankees in 1999, does have a no trade clause. His name has been mentioned often in trade rumors.

“I don’t want to think about it, I don’t want to talk or hear my name at the Trade Deadline,” Soriano said on Monday. “It’s part of the game, but I’m not going to pay attention and just play my game and work hard.”

Soriano was batting .256 for the season, but has hit 10 home runs in his last 20 games, and was hitting .296 in that stretch with six doubles and 21 RBIs. He leads the Cubs with 17 home runs and 10 stolen bases, and ranks 57th on the all-time home run list with 389. Next up is the Yankees’ Graig Nettles at 390.

A move to an American League team would be a plus for Soriano, who has improved defensively. He has a career .379 average in 26 games as a designated hitter. He went 8-for-17 with two home runs in four games as the DH in Interleague play this season.

— Carrie Muskat


White, do you think Joey can post and hold his breath at the same time?

No, I think he has already passed out and is on his way to the ER!! Joey, joey, check in with us! SOS!

Joey must be ecstatic with anticipation. The Skankees certainly need more offense. Have to be desperate to be willing to put Soriano in their lineup, as they are the one team other than the Cubs who know Soriano very well, warts and all. Am eager to see which top prospect we are likely to receive, as I have seen their AAA affiliate play. But also have trepidation re: Soriano`s willingness to accept a trade, as he has rejected attractive moves in past.

Well jhosk he turned down the Giants on the West coast. – maybe he will say yes to the East coast. Boston is a great city to live in. I used to date a Harvard guy and spent lots of time in the area. Our main concern is to keep joey breathing while we wait. :))

That`s a valid point you make about Giants, White. Soriano could have been part of a World Series winning club had he accepted that deal in second half of last season. I`ve visited Boston several times and agree it`s a compelling one.

When I see it (Soriano Trade)…I will believe it then.

Meanwhile……don’t be surprise if Samrdzija is dealt on the dead line……

Theo really wants to clean house and start his future team with his own Prospects.

I see your point, Cubs Talk. Is a valid one, as these guys in charge of major league teams have outsized egos, and Theo is no exception. To the contrary, he is very representative of that ilk. Just hope the Smardz deal does not come to fruition as I selfishly want him to be piece of a solid rotation when we become relevant.

Totally agree! Just the thought of trading Samardj makes me shudder. Trade Garza, trade Soriano – it is the time to do so. Trade Samardj – not on my watch!

jhosk, putting egos aside, how do you feel about the Cubs Organization as a whole after 22 months or so? Do you think the future looks brighter after the hiring of Epstein and Hoyer?

Yes, jasper, I do believe the organization is on track to build a contender. Is an arduous process. I believe Theo had no clue how bare the cupboard was when he first signed on. Stockpiling young prospects now is the best strategy. There is little room for error with these decisions. They need to get it right. In future seasons free agents can be added to plug specific needs. I think you feel similarly, but correct me if I`m mistaken.

I feel exactly the same as you jhosk. I guess thats why I am confused when you mention egos when speaking of Epstein & Hoyer.
I have stated before when it comes to Samardizja, that it makes me no difference should he stay or be traded.
So now I have this question for you, would you be opposed to trading Smardizja for 4 or 5 more prospects? Maybe a good Catcher and more starting pitchers?
Just my thoughts, but it would not bother me one way or the other.

No, I would not quarrel with receiving 4 or 5 legit prospects, but also do not see that as realistic. Is too optimistic; but hey, if a club is fool enough to offer that deal, I`m all in. Especially like that catcher reference you cite. We always seem to be thin in that area, and it`s such a critical position.

A Smardizja trade would also benifit the team he is traded to, they get a quality starter who is under team control for a few years. Then look at what Hoyer received for Garza, a guy that will be a FA in 4 months.
If they were to trade Smardizja, I would say the other team will HAVE to give up a few quality prospects, if not, there really is no reason to trade him.

Turley or Montgomery or black is the rumored return … my favorite? Montgomery by far….. the fo has done good so far but the next 12 months are going to be crucial to competing by 2015 which is what I expect …. competing = playoff contention ,…… WC or div championship

Dont know where you get your info petrey, but sounds good.

Do you reference Mike Montgomery? Is he not with Rays? Why would they be willing to part with him? Pitching is why they are so successful, along with having by far the best manager in majors. What deal would Rays make with us? I do not get it.

I am very curious where that came from myself petrey. Maybe you cant put it up, I dont know.

I will be the very first to tell you all, I have no insider info.

That said, I will be at the game tonight, looking forward to it. Row 15, behind the Cubs dugout.🙂

Mark Montgomery… Yankees AAA affiliate…..

Yanks are down on him BC of supposed off season laziness … good stuff tho… maybe change of scenery helps him

I’d try to trade Shark to AZ for Delgado and Skaggs. To me 2 is better than 1 and AZ might go for it since he’s under team control thru 2015.

I think they can do much better than that, much better.

Id rather have Bradley than Delgado but I’d want more than just 2 anyway

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I’m not saying for just those 2! And no way are they trading Bradley!

“What Alfonso Soriano Would Bring to the Struggling Yankees.” – Joseph Putignano

Samardzija will be traded for these reasons……

1 – High trade value…..Theo loves to trade players that brings back more prospects…….trading Shark for three top prospects is a no brainer….
2 – Contract demands……..Theo could not pay Garza demands, you think Samardzija will have lower demands than Garza?……Samardzija will be asking for over $150 million……and the Shark is no “Ace”…..

3 – Time…….Cubs not winning now…not in 2014…not in 2015……….by the time they will win, Samardzija will have a new contract….on a new team……

4 – Chemistry……..Theo & Jed are looking for players who came together in the system…..Jeff is not part of that “brotherhood” that has Almora, Baez, Johnson, Lake, Soler, Bryant & others created together…….

If Theo & Jed can snatch 4 top prospects for Jeff, they will do it.

Valid reasons Cubstalk but I don’t see how you can come up with the figure of 150 million. You really think The Shark thinks he can ask for that much? Other than that, I, like Jasper would not mind one way or the other if The Shark is traded but I’m sarting to lean towards…trading him for the good of the future as you point out.

1- why do we trade away everyone with high value? He’s young and cost controlled…. dumb reason
2-pitching is expensive and long term commitment no matter its Garza or anyone else you gotta pay for it… signing five jacksons or home growing a complete rotation is not realistic…. name me a team that went deep in playoffs with out paying a big contract for their ace
3- yes exactly do u wanna try and do this all in one off season? We are 2-4 years away from contending…. buying starts this off season
4- wtf are you talking about shark is a class act and leader… never a problem… quit talking like u know something we all don’t …

All four of Ur reasons suck….

This is how the list should read…. 1- some team pays more than they should and gives up the farm for shark…. end

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