7/24 Cubs lineup

David DeJesus is back and starting in center field on Wednesday for the Cubs. Alfonso Soriano is getting a scheduled day off, so don’t read any more into that. Here’s the lineup:

DeJesus CF
Lake LF
Rizzo 1B
Schierholtz RF
Castro SS
Valbuena 3B
Barney 2B
Castillo C
Samardzija P


Welcome back DeJesus! Don’t ask Cole Gillespie how to avoid walls! He hasn’t figured that out yet either! :))

More Kim DeJesus photo ops also!

She is beautiful isn’t she. My husband goes for Kim DeJesus and Lindsay Barney.

Sounds like Theo has a team in mind for a DeJesus trade……

Carlos Marmol is still Carlos Marmol……his days are few in the MLB….Dodgers will release him soon.

I see the Three Stooges and their buddies at the other Cubs site have now start bullying another blogger after I got kicked off after I questioning Tommy Boy on his copyright photo he used in one of his pieces……….no matter what, Ms. Muskat has more inside information than all these Cubs sites put together…..see Cubs news here first…see the copy of Ms Muskat’s journalism work later on Cubs Den.

It would be great if we could have some insights to a particular evening’s lineup. I understand matchups, OBP, previous stats, lefty-righty advantages, getting at bats for everyone, turning the lineup over, trying players in different roles, keeping speedsters together, seeing new players, forcing the other manager to use up his bullpen later in a game, saving the right player to come off the bench, platooning…. It would be nice to have some more rationale from Dale. It seems like some of these lineups are picked by a computer. Say it ain’t so.

We may not want to spend too much time figuring out what Sveum’s motives are. Tonight he sits Soriano although Soriano is hitting .462 vs. Kennedy all the while Sveum say’s he PLANNED it that way and is not indicative of a possible trade??? What manager would PLAN a day off for a hitter with such success vs. a particular pitcher? Sveum, that’s who. Come on…something’s got to be brewing here regarding Soriano and Sveum is giving his typical lip service no??? What was Sveum’s rationale for playing Soriano day in and day out when he was impotent during April and May? Was that the PLAN too?

Good points. We would only get “Baseball Speak” answers. Soriano is sitting to preclude injury before a trade is finalized. Obviously, Soriano’s legs would enjoy a DH assignment. Try Lake in LF, what the heck. GO CUBS!

If your watching the game, I wonder if you have figured out Sveums motives?

I was LMAO at this post as soon as I read it.

I’m in Reno playing poker. Clue me in. I looked up and noticed the air conditioning is blowing in. Stropp did a nice job in the 8th. I didn’t see the first few innings. What gives?

Tie game 10th inning 6-6, my comment was not directed at yours.

Thanks Daniel, good point as well re an injury prior to a trade but Soriano will sit for only so long, let’s hope the trade comes QUICKLY. Although Jasper did not include my name in his reply I am thinking he was directing his comment at me as I thoroughly amuse him at most times due to my barbed comments toward Sveum and Soriano. Sveum who in my opinion is a manager that will coddle certain players such as Soriano and look the other way when Soriano is struggling (ALL OF APRIL AND MAY) as he does with Castro and even Barney. I am of the belief that Sveum will not be the manager in a few years when the team is ready to contend but if he is I can only hope the new roster will alleviate some of his early managing tendencies as we have seen to date. So happy to keep people LTAO as humor is vastly overlooked when helping the ones that truly need some laughter in their life.

Soriano needs a day off now and then. He’s batting .273 vs LHP, .245 vs RHP. So, Sveum looked at upcoming pitching matchups and planned to give Sori Wed off vs Kennedy (and yes, he was well aware of Sori’s numbers vs him). After Tues nite meeting between Theo, Sveum and Soriano, Soriano said he welcomed a day to think about his options and decisions he may have to make. As far as April/May, who else did they have? (Plus, Soriano hit .278 in May — what’s wrong with that?)

A day off every now and then for Soriano should NOT come against a pitcher HE OWNS. Defending Soriano and his MAY.278 ba?? (.263 in APRIL and a horrid .233 in JUNE, ONE homerun and TWO RBI in APRIL…NO DAYS OF IN APRIL…why not?) Such a high bar. Production from a clean up hitter should not be determined by just a batting average. EVERYTHING is wrong with a.278 ba when one is the CLEAN UP hitter and is not….CLEANING UP. If Sveum dropped Soriano in the order (7 or 8) due to his lack of CLEANING UP it would have shown some stones on Sveum’s part instead of stroking Soriano’s ego. He also could have had several more “every now and then days off” for Soriano and played Hairston more regularly (no clean up hitter either by far…but an option at the time) if just to give Soriano more days off during the months when he is at his worst and the whole world knows it. Defend him all you want because you believe he is a very good ball player/clean up hitter, I’m happy not fall in line with that and believe Soriano should never have been a Cub and Epstein has been doing all he can the past few years to unload an unloadable player. If he pulls off a trade with the Yanks he’s doing his job.

Carrie, I think I understood the scenerio that took place?? Soriano may be traded to the Yankees, instead of this turning into a Dempster type fiasco like last year, Hoyer and Epstein flew out to AZ to speak with Soriano about a trade. After speaking with Soriano, they get his approval for a possible trade to the Yankees and possibly spoke of other clubs.
After the conversation, Soriano asked for three days to think about it, in fairness, Soriano does have a no trade clause, so he does have that right.
So now comes the start against Ian Kennedy. If there is a possible trade coming, I am sure Sveum was asked or directed not to start Soriano. Why would you start him if he were going to be traded and risk injury?? Does not make any sense at all.
With all that rolling in my head, then seeing Sveum put down for not starting Soriano, I laughed and laughed hard.
Then game time, by the 5th inning, Lake, Dejesus and Scherholtz had all been major part of 6 runs scored. Made me laugh a little more.
You have to love this game and fan prespective.

Always look forward to your posts, joey. You have informative and thoughtful ideas sometimes laced with frustration, sometimes with humor! While we are not supposed to include any talk of food, pets, meds, etc. in our posts I do hope that humor is not one of those horrid “no no’s”. And, by the way, for your ears only Shirley Purrl is doing great and the veggies are spilling over the wheelbarrow.

Thanks White, great to hear about Shirly Purrl! Just got back in town and am ready to battle any tightly wound, closed minded people that have such a hard time accepting that people will have varied opinions, some of which will infuriate them. They need some laughter for sure and I am glad to provide it all the while getting my opinion out there to the masses. When all is said and done I believe we would all admit that the roster needs to be greatly improved in order to contend, whether Soriano, Barney (it’s gonna be ok White, trust me) or DeJesus….WE NEED BETTER PLAYERS. So what’s with Gillespie? Is he showing any promise? I’ve missed a few games…

You have missed some fun games joey. Glad you are back in town. You are right that Barney needs to do better – he got off to a slow start after injury and has struggled this season. I know it will be okay for him no matter what. He is and will always be my Dar. Wish you could have seen Gillespie’s catches in RF. Impressive. Hope he can get more playing time.

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