7/25 Baez hits 2 home runs

Javy Baez hit two home runs to power Tennessee to a 10-5 victory Thursday over Huntsville. The Smokies trailed 4-0 with one out in the fifth when Matt Szczur reached on an error and John Andreoli walked to set up Baez. He homered for the third straight night to close to 4-3. Rubi Silva homered in the sixth to tie the game, and Justin Bour connected in the seventh. Baez added his second of the game in the eighth. He finished 2-for-5 with four RBIs, and now has hit 25 home runs this season (17 for Class A Daytona).



Maybe he will get a call? Would love to see if he could play 2B.
Top of the 7th last night, Schierholtz doubles, Gillespi walks, no outs. Barney comes up, grounds into DP. Why not move the runners over with a S? Is he trying to be a hero? Lake has 3 bunt hits since last Friday night. Castro and Barney have forgotten that skill this year.
Castillo then doubles, the score if a S had taken place would now be 3 – 2, with one out and a man in scoring position. Does a manager have to spell it out or make the call?? Does someone like Barney not just get the fact, that a BUNT is in order?
Right then, you just knew this game was over.

Baez isn’t ready yet … but next September I think we could see him… we really need to see him cut back on the ks ….. if he ends the year in aa with 25% k rate he should start the year in AAA

That is so odd, jasper. – that a game could be over in the 7th inning just because Barney didn’t bunt. So the 8th and 9th innings don’t count? Lake, Rizzo and Navarro were all out in the 8th. DeJesus, Barney and Castillo all out in the 9th. But you single Barney out to be the game loser? Just wondering how that works statistically.

Three things white. (1) I try not to respond to your posts, because for some reason, you start trouble in this chat room. (2) I am not the guy that speaks of stats on a consistant basis. Could be your confused. (3) If you read my post, understand baseball, comprehend what was written, you might get it. Read it a few times, it might come to you.

A call??? From the President, right?? Not TO the Cubs for sure….my, my, my….let’s not RUSH the lad. How outside the box that would be, MY way of thinking. Hmmm…I wonder what Szczur is doing right now….

Szczur has 379 At Bats in AA, yet Lake was promoted with 156 At Bats at AAA.
Maybe with Lakes promotion, Szczur will get the call to AAA?? Maybe even get a call up in SEP.
The Cubs will need OF help if they trade Schierholtz or/and DeJesus.

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