7/25 Cubs lineup – REVISED

Alfonso Soriano was scratched from Thursday’s lineup, and apparently is headed to the Yankees. Here’s the new lineup vs. lefty Wade Miley:

Lake CF
Castro SS
Rizzo 1B
Ransom 3B
Schierholtz RF
Gillespie LF
Barney 2B
Castillo C
Villanueva P

* The Cubs have hit 39 home runs off left-handed pitchers, the most by any team in the Majors. The Cubs hit 29 homers off southpaws all of last season. Anthony Rizzo has hit six home runs off lefties this year, fourth-most among NL left-handed hitters, trailing only the Rockies’ Carlos Gonzalez (eight), and the Reds’ Jay Bruce and Joey Votto (seven). Dioner Navarro was hitting .515 (17-for-33) with a .610 on-base percentage, a .998 slugging percentage and a 1.519 OPS against left-handed pitchers this season.


Well that proves me wrong. I guess they are willing to play him and risk him getting injured before trading him.
My bad, hit a few out Soriano.

Also the Phillies have released Zambrano from his Minor League contract.
Ransom needs to swing at any 3rd strike close to the plate, this umpiring crew does not like Ransom.

Don’t be surprised to see Barney enter the field wearing shoulder pads and a football helmet. – just in case – just saying. – :))

White, this will be my first opportunity since coming back to watch your Gillespie, I hope he does well and makes you proud, you deserve it!!

Hope so joey. If you just got back you probably didn’t see Smardj’s football tackle on Barney last night. VERY hilarious after we were sure they were both okay!

Hearing soriano has been scratched from lineup ….. trade to yanks close …. hold up was 1) soriano go ahead 2) tricky financials to this deal so yanks can get under the luxury tax next season…. betting many of us won’t understand the techinicals of this deal… no word yet on return but I’m holding my breath for mark Montgomery

Just seen that myself petrey, hoping the Cubs get that 2B Adams in the deal.

Nah we need arms bud… plenty of middle inf in the system… probably our deepest position honestly….. look for Baez or alcantara as the future 2b

my reasoning: I am sure there will be an arm, I like that Adams is ML ready and that could possibly put Barney on the block. Maybe a throw in with Gregg or ????
If Adams proves good enough, he can be moved in a year or two.
No biggie, just a thought.

Ya but we got Watkins almost there… lake could play 2b… trust me barney is going to have a hard time being the starter opening day 2014…

I was actually hoping Barney would have been traded during or before ST. His value was at its highest.

I was right there with u buddy… look back at my comments… said it numerous times but the homers (not long balls) here can’t understand that for some crazy reason

Wherever Barney is playing in 2014, Petrey, he will carry with him more class, more human kindness, more knowledge of what the game of baseball is all about, more heartfelt charity to all folks in his little finger than you will ever have in your entire being. He has a fine future, a loving family and a huge heart. Eamus Catuli. I love all Cubs.

All that doesn’t help the cubs win… exactly why I dislike most of Ur comments… this is cubs baseball not social hour at the nursing home … do u wanna see the cubs win? BC I do and barney doesn’t help us do that… end of story… moving on …

Well you have truly proven my point of exactly the kind of nasty human being you are haven’t you!!! 1. I do not use this site as a social hour. 2. I am not in a nursing home. 3. I am a 77 year old woman who enjoys exchanging ideas about baseball with kinder and politer folks on this site – folks who also enjoy humor and baseball conversations other than stats and putting others down. End of story – moving on!

Lol I believe u got Ur facts mixed up… when did I say u were in a nursing home…. I and other people would respect u more if u used stats and stuck on topic … leave Ur personal stuff out of it… I really haven’t been mean or rude to u in awhile u just get defensive… how bout them cubs?

Pet, if a person has to be like you to be a Cubs fan; then I would say most would be fans of another team. Attacking those that don’t suit your beliefs is a reflection of your character (or, in your case, the lack of it). White or any other person on this blog has the right to their opinions. If in your mind you have to attack a nice lady to be a big man, then maybe you should get some help with your illness. You are one sorry excuse for a Cubs fan, to say the very least.

Spoken like a true gentleman, Jim. Thank you. One of my family members is Ambassador in Senegal, Lewis Lukens. Perhaps Petrey could take a few diplomacy lessons from him. I have always tried to follow such kind and diplomatic principles as family members such as Lewis. Unfortunately Petrey gets my dander up and I have strayed from kindness. I shall try to do better!

again what does your personal information matter to the CUbs??? It doesn’t leave it out and talk about freaking baseball

lol I have no problem with an opinion… you can have yours and she can have hers but when an opinion is based on your crush for a particular player who is not good on a good team I am going to let you know… I wouldn’t say anything about her opinion if she could support it with some type of evidence that could prove he could help the cubs… otherwise I’m going to continue to say Barney sucks and hope the CUbs get better next year and barney moves to the bench or another team… are you two not the ones attacking me???

Illigitimus non carbonumdrum.

The Cubs made another huge International signing today, Jen-Ho Tseng for 1.625 Million. They are expected to sign Eloy Jimenez next week.
Management is collecting some serious young talent and the years ahead look more exciting by the day.
Grimm and Olt reported to IA, hopefully we see Olt soon.

Pet, Attacking you? No, we are pointing out what you are. We disagree with your opinions sometimes and we find you to be overbearing and over blown and overly important to you….not us. Since you don’t set the rules for posting on the blog; why don’t you just read and enjoy the divergent opinions. You have some real issues and continue to try to be a bully. I am not attacking you. I would hope that you can see that it is you and not the lady who is a problem to the rest. However, if you are so sensitive, perhaps you should find someone locally to share your amazing brand of ……… You know.

I see both sides of this Jim Mcbride, you have a point, but then again, so does petrey. petrey wants to discuss the Cubs in a Cub chat room!! Does he go overboard in trying to make his point, I think he does. However it is a Cubs chat room.
I respect people trying to assist a senior, as I am one. Sometimes by doing that, it just keeps something going on, not needed in my opinion.
If you really think about it, it is a Cubs chat room, anything other than that, especially in this case, is just instigating problems no one needs.
I am done, not taking up for no one, we can all see how this all got started, hopefully cooler heads prevail and it just stops.

Jim, his main objective is attacking people, I`m convinced. The French have a name for it (raison d`etre). The comments about the Cubs are secondary. His reason for existing is to insult people and yes, bully them, as you perceptively cited. Wants to sabotage the site and drive people off. Sadly, he has partially accomplished some of that .

A Cubs chat room, exactly….chat about ALL things Cubs…right? INCLUDING how Cubs FANS are doing, how their health is, what CUBS player(s) is their favorite, what reasons be for them having a favorite, what they would like to see the roster be…ALL THINGS CUBS, much needed In MY humble opinion of course. More Jims and more Whites are also needed in MY humble opinion. More GOOD people, less tightly wound, narrow-minded people being nothing more than fact based, in-human, PASSIONLESS and insensitive robots. Cooler heads prevail??? My god, it’s not a gang fight, IT’S A BLOG FOR DISCUSSING ALL THINGS CUBS allow it to happen…

Shirley Purrl thinks joey is the “Cat’s Meow”. High praise for a very particular feline! :))

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