7/25 Schierholtz, DeJesus wait

Nate Schierholtz and David DeJesus are both well aware the Trade Deadline is one week away. Any team looking for a left-handed bat and a solid defensive outfielder would be interested in Schierholtz, who was batting .313 with runners in scoring position this season. A few teams have followed Schierholtz, including the Pirates.

“It’s out of our control what happens,” Schierholtz said after Wednesday’s win over the Diamondbacks. “I love being a Cub, and hope to stay here. You never know what will happen in the next week. All we can do is go out there and focus on trying to win games.”

DeJesus’ name also has been mentioned in trade rumors, and Theo Epstein did take time to talk to the outfielder, but not about a possible move. Instead, Epstein wanted to thank DeJesus, and tell him how much they appreciate his mentorship of the younger players. DeJesus showed that during his rehab stint with the Rookie League players, many of whom are teenagers.

“He’s a really good baseball player, lived up to his contract, he’s a left-handed bat who has the exact approach we’re trying to teach in this organization,” Epstein said. “There’s a lot of value to having him here. That said, will we make him untouchable? No — no one’s untouchable. We’ll sit and weigh out the options and what’s best for the Cubs.”

DeJesus, activated from the DL on Wednesday, was prepared.

“My name’s been in the rumors before,” he said. “It’s nothing new. You’ve just got to be professional and play the game and see what happens from there.”

— Carrie Muskat


Two very good signings in DeJesus and Schierholtz, both were not in great demand and signed, then given a chance. They both have done very well for the Cubs. DeJesus and his wife, in their very short term in Chicago, have even been involved in the community. They are both very vocal about liking Chicago and being a Cub.
If traded, they will add value to a contending team. Both very professional and this fan has enjoyed watching both play in a Cub uniform. IF they are traded I wish them both the best of luck, except against the Cubs.
The Cubs Organization gave them both a chance to prove themselves and they both came through.

Something tells me Nate is a guy that should be in the cubs rebuilding plans…….He hustles, handles right field, quality at bats, looks like a solid team guy. He also has quality years left in the tank. If they think he must be moved I hope it is for quality prospects. I say give him a 3 yr. contract he wants to stay a Cub!

I understand what you are saying, but both of their true value, is in trade now. ( my opinion ) I have heard that Pittsburgh is really high on Schierholtz, no real rumors on Dejesus yet.

Jasper what you have commented here regarding both Schierholtz’s and DeJesus’ style of play Is hard to argue and no reason to do so. Regarding their true value as trade candidates is even better said. Both would be welcome additions to a contending club in a specific role but staying with the Cubs for several more years would not be wise for the development of our current minor league outfielders, the reinforcement of our minor league system in general (with what the two would bring in return) nor for the two players themselves who I think would be better served on contending teams NOW.

The order of the next Cubs players to be dealt…..

1 – Gregg
2 – Navarro
3 – Schierholtz
4 – Villanueva
5 – DeJesus
6 – Valbuena
7 – Russell

and then….

8 – Soriano…………..but don’t count on it.

LOL, that prediction is really going out on the proverbial limb. No worries, I wont count on it.🙂 In that order anyway.

Seriously ??? Ur list is almost backwards … please stop trolling … u got no cred here bro

Yeah Jasper, teams like the prates would be high on Nate for the same reason we should consider offering him a contract. Gamer that wouldn’t break the bank. I’m not saying not to trade but dangit get some real value……

I dont know of a trade that Hoyer has made that has not brought back value. But that being said, that true value depends on the prospect, work ethics and how bad does he want to make the Major Leagues. Every trade for a prospect is a gamble, but the prospects added in bulk the last 20 months has been amazing.
Whats the old saying? Throw enough up against the wall and something going to stick. They are going after quality prospects in bulk!! Pitchers especially, hoping they get a chance at some catching prospects.

What about Colvin and LeMehue (darn that last name!!) for Stewart? No value in return for them plus the Cubs ate some money too. Unless you are limiting it to the acquisition of prospects then I agree, but a trade is a trade and the one with Colorado hopefully will be the worst of Hoyer’s Cub career….agreed???

Joey we have discussed that trade several times, I really see no need in keep bringing it up?? We both agreed it was a gamble. The Cubs had no 3rd Baseman at the time, they took a gamble on Stewart. Stewart lacked work ethics and enjoyed the DL.
So there was a mistake!! Do you know of any GM that has not made a mistake? Is there any reason to keep harping on it? You know me by now, I prefer the positive side, the future.
Hoyer made a mistake, but I prefer to look at all the good. Even that mistake did not hurt the Cubs at all, neither Colvin or the other guy are missed, by me anyway. At that time, I would have made the same trade.

Jeez Jasper….calm down, and here I thought I was being polite and acknowledging you were referring to just prospects because you certainly were wrong if referring to ALL the trades. To view my comment as harping is catty at best but rest assured I truly “know” you enough pal to realize my replies to your comments are not welcome by you, God forbid A DIFFERING opinion is provided AND no mention of food or the like either. You’re gettin’ greedy and to “know” you is to just leave your sorry self alone so I will respect that and do so. JEEZ JASPER….has a ring to it. I dont know of a trade that Hoyer has made that has not brought back value. I dont know of a trade that Hoyer has made that has not brought back value.I dont know of a trade that Hoyer has made that has not brought back value. I dont know of a trade that Hoyer has made that has not brought back value. REALLY???

LMAO, you crack me up. I guess I thought you could possibly forget what might be considered a mistake by some. ( not by me )
That trade was not made for prospects, it was made for a needed 3B at the time. But joey knows more than Epstein, Hoyer and could even manage better than Sveum, I guess I should feel put in my place and apologise.
I’m sorry joey, Hoyer should have gotten much more the the future HOF’ers Colvin and the other guy.

Joey we get it we lost on that trade.. move on… its not that big a deal as it didn’t set us back that much… the reward out wsyed the risks but the injuries stopped any of the rewards from coming out… big deal.. DJ nor Tyler are good enough to start every day shown by Tyler’s 160 ave and DJ weak hitting.. ops is not good on DJ… they are both backups and we got better guys coming… chill!

I get what your saying Jasper and we are on the same page. Just my gut tells me Nate could be a really good piece of the puzzle and he could take over the rf spot now and still be productive in a few years when we are ready to contend.

you could be correct dman, but in a few years I think the Cubs will be looking at Almora, Soler, Szszur, Jackson (doubtful), maybe Lake, Maybe Vogelbach, Ha, Anderioli, and even somone we have not even heard of yet. Maybe Baez.
Lake might be at 2B or SS, Castro might be at 2B. Olt or Villnueva might take over 3rd, so when Bryant comes up hes in the OF.
That is what is so great about all these prospects.

Shierholtz is great place holder for now… in a couple years tho he could be reduced to a nice bench piece… just depends if he is OK with that. Wouldn’t mind keeping him around but if its gets us the return theo wants then I am all for letting him go

Agree and stated very well petrey.

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