7/25 Soriano to Yankees “99 percent” done

Alfonso Soriano appears to be headed to the Yankees. Theo Epstein asked Dale Sveum to pull Soriano from Thursday’s lineup because a deal was nearly completed between the Cubs and Yankees that would send the 37-year-old outfielder back to the team where he began his pro career. Sveum said the deal was “99 percent” done.

The Yankees were 6 1/2 games back in the American League East. Can Soriano help the Yankees?

“He’s going to a place that is obviously one of the better stadiums, and he’s been there before and has performed in that atmosphere before,” Sveum said. “Obviously, they’ve had a lot of injuries, and he’s the guy who can fill that void as [designated hitter] and in left field.”

Soriano has hit 10 home runs in his last 21 games, and was batting .286 in that stretch with six doubles, 21 RBIs and a 1.044 OPS, dating to June 28. He has homered in five of his last 14 games, and ranks seventh among active players in career home runs with 389.

“He’s put together a pretty good run,” Sveum said. “Last year at 36 years old, he hit 32 [home runs] and drove in 108 [runs]. That’s a legacy in itself. he’s a guy who when he’s on the field, he’s lived up to his media guide, so to speak, besides the stolen bases he’s had in his career early.”

This was Sveum’s second season with Soriano, and he was impressed with his professionalism.

“He’s 100 percent completely different than I thought,” Sveum said. “There hasn’t been a day of disappointment in his attitude, his work ethic, what he brings to younger players and his professionalism has been off the charts.”

— Carrie Muskat


Lol I beat u by a couple minutes Carrie!!

Probably not if you count my Twitter account — haven’t quite figured out how to blog from my phone. Tough when using rotary dial …

A rotary dial Carrie? lol Maybe with the savings on this Soriano trade the Cubs can help you out with some updated, high tech, IT equipment.

Well I’m bummed… 60% sure we receive reliever chase Whitley… not gonna get much it seems…

99% Ecstatic. We got much….a green light to move forward with the outfield…..
I can’t wait until it’s finalized so I can stop infuriating people with my Soriano rants and GENUINLEY root for his success with the Yankees as I have always believed that it is best for Soriano to finish his career as a DH, or at least have the opportunity to do so in the AL. Best of luck to him.

Unfortunately joey the majority of cubs fans I have seen comment on other sites are sad to see him go… Ur only beef is that he is overpaid… he didn’t set the terms of the deal,he just took it much like you oor I would … he dry wasn’t the problem either … he was forced to hand out money to try and win… it was a bad situation and hopefully won’t happen again.. let’s just try to learn from mistakes and move forward to a winning tradition

If the Cubs are going to eat a majority of Sorianos contract, why even get rid of him? Its like making a car payment on a car that you gave to someone else.

If they can save any portion, I am sure it will help moving on with the finances for sure. Just my opinion, but it will also help in LF. Definately help the pitching staff if there is someone out there going after and catching the balls. It also helps knowing that the Cubs are moving on, out with the old, in with the youth.
Sorianos OBP was very low, it should be easy to replace for anyone that can take a walk now and then. Any young pitching prospect along with any savings is worth it at this point in Sorianos career. Just my opinion of course.
As I write this the LF Gillespi just missed the cutoff man with a throw from LF allowing the D-Backs to score a run. lol

I agree with you for the most part Jasper, saving any money from his contract to spend on future pieces is a plus and freeing up a roster spot for younger players to get a shot is great. But replacing Sori won’t be easy at all. Sure his OBP was low, but he slugged and drove in runs every year he was a cub, everyone on the team loves him and his leadership. I haven’t heard a negative thing about him besides the fact that the Cubs gave him too much money. And as far as defense goes, he was much better than it seemed he was. He was never a liability in the field like most fans assume he was. All in all Sori’s time with the Cubs was great and I’m sad to see him go, but I know it’s best for the Cubs at this point in his career. I wish him all the best in his years with the Yankees

The contract is there one way or another … why not get what u can? Maybe they plan to go after ellsbury and realize the outfield is going to get crowded

This is a great tweet I saw earlier by Brett Taylor at bleacher nation

@BleacherNation: Soriano with Cubs: 17.8 WAR through 2012. At $/WAR of $5.5M, that’s $97.9M of value. He was paid $97M for those 6 seasons.

Seems Sori wasn’t quite as overpaid as everyone thinks. Sori has always been a great teammate and a solid run producer during his time with the cubs. I always loved him and am sad to see him go. He should be remembered as one of the great Cubs of all time, whether or not you like his contract

I never had a problem with Soriano. If management thinks its time for him to be gone, I support that. They choose to keep him, I support that.
He was a good Cub, but things dont stay the same.

Love to see people use statistical facts on this site ….. much needed!!! Thx for that

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