7/25 What’s next?

How do the Cubs fill the opening in the lineup with the pending departure of Alfonso Soriano?

“You say you’re prepared for it, but I don’t think you’re really prepared to lose somebody of that nature,” Dale Sveum said Thursday. “All the things he brings to a team, the fourth hole, the character, the clubhouse, the leadership and everything. You just don’t replace that.”

Soriano was pulled from Thursday’s Cubs lineup against the Arizona Diamondbacks at the request of president of baseball operations Theo Epstein, and appears to be headed to the Yankees.

Physically, Sveum said he’ll mix and match in the outfield, using rookie Junior Lake as well as Cole Gillespie in left field. Brian Bogusevic, on the disabled list with a strained left hamstring, could return in early August.

The Cubs may decide to add a pitcher when they make a roster move rather than an outfielder because the bullpen has been overworked, and they have a doubleheader coming up on Tuesday.

Soriano, 37, was one of the few veterans in the clubhouse.

“You have [Kevin] Gregg, DeJesus, and other than that, it’s a lot of young guys,” Sveum said. “With the addition of Lake, now we’re getting pretty young.”

The Cubs were busy at the Trade Deadline last year, and this season, have made six deals before July 31. The only players who were on the Chicago roster when Jim Hendry was the general manager are Starlin Castro, Darwin Barney, Welington Castillo and Jeff Samardzija.

The Cubs may find another left fielder, but can’t replace Soriano’s professionalism.

“You don’t replace that,” Sveum said. “Hopefully, down the road you do. You don’t have a Band-aid right now to replace that kind of guy in your clubhouse.”

— Carrie Muskat


Appreciate what soriano did for the cubs… the last year and half really showed he is a pro’s pro…. not his fault he took the money… we all would have!! But as some else showed he almost produced enough to cover it… even with a couple bad bad years

I look at this like replacing Garza, it won’t happen instantly but the team’s roster needs to be turned over and Epstein and Hoyer are doing just that and a fine job of it too. EVENTUALLY not only will Soriano’s offensive production be replaced but so too will Garza’s pitching. I hope the goal to be to have in place an ENTIRE outfield that will not only replace Soriano’s offense but will improve on the overall contribution as well such as defense, running, instinct, plate discipline etc. Soriano was a very good home run hitter and RBI guy despite his slow Aprils and Mays and it may take more than one position to regain his OFFENSE but if we are to believe what the new FO is saying then in a few years the entire outfield will be what the team needs to win….an ASSEMBLY of talented and productive players as opposed to one RBI guy with limited defensive ability and two other outfielders with limited offensive ability. This move now paves the way for that outfield….CUBS ASSEMBLE!

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