7/26 Soriano deal

Alfonso Soriano could be in the Yankees lineup Friday night. Soriano was pulled from the Cubs’ starting lineup on Thursday after Theo Epstein called manager Dale Sveum, saying a deal was “99 percent” complete. The 37-year-old outfielder took a red-eye flight to New York after the Cubs’ game Thursday. There were reports Friday that the Cubs will receive right-handed pitcher Corey Black, 21, a fourth-round pick in 2012, in exchange, and that the Yankees will pay a portion of the $24.7 remaining on Soriano’s contract. Major League Baseball had to review the financial terms of the deal.

Note: I will be traveling from Phoenix to San Francisco Friday. Check Cubs.com and MLB.com for updates


According to some reports, it looks like the Cubs saved about 6.8 Million over the next two years.

not bad… if we get Black too that is pretty nice… has some upside… has touched 100mph on his fastball

Just looked at his stats, very impressive. Alot of BB, but young enough to get that under control.

I agree with jasper. Would love to see us acquire Corey Black. Did you know he pitched five hitless innings vs. our club Daytona at one point this season? He stated in an interview that has been the high point of his minor league career thus far.

jhosk, the minors have some power arms at Class A, it is really exciting to watch the stats. They just signed another power arm in Jen-Ho Tseng from Taiwan.
It will be very interesting to see where all this young talent will be placed the rest of this year and next.

Am seeing revisionist history regarding the comments following Soriano`s departure. I wish him well with his new club, but please do not tell me we are pleased with his tenure with the Cubs. That`s insulting. Enough said. I have some news for Isabel. You asked about the status of Carlos Zambrano recently and someone told yourself he was property of the Phillies. That was true then, but is not true today, as he was realeased by Philadelphia yesterday.

The year I will never forget was 2008 and Soriano hitting in the lead off spot. He was hurt after 109 games, but what a great 109 games it was.
From the lead off spot, Sori had 76 Runs, 75 RBI’s with an OBP of 344. He was hitting 280 and had 29 HR’s before his injury. if you take time for the projections over a 162 games, that was an amazing season from a leadoff hitter.
I did not even mention his 19 steals compared to 3 times caught.
Soriano accounted for 122 Runs in 109 games at the lead off position before being injured.

Why not be pleased withhis tenure? He was a leader and class act… he played even when hurt and gave his all … not his fault he took a huge contract… he didn’t write the proposal

Just stating the year I would not forget, it was an awesome year from a lead off hitter.

Soriano is a good player…But….Soriano could not produce when the Playoffs came around for the Cubs…….Sure, Chicks dig the Long Ball……but I want players who can connect at the right time…..under any pressure.

At least Junior Lake will still make the rest of the season to be watchable……Lake brings energy to this club…………and we can all watch many ex-Cubs this fall in the playoffs…..Dempster, Garza, Maholm, Feldman, Soriano, Soto, Johnson, and do I dare to say…..Marmol.

At least if any future Free Agents wants to be in the playoffs, he can always rely on Theo of trading him to a Playoff team in July.

Cubs Talk, wasnt Marmol released by the Dodgers?
The players you mention above did not make the Cubs competitive, so was there a problem trading them for prospects?
Maybe I am reading you wrong, but your last line makes it look like you disapprove of the players being traded?
I really doubt that Hoyer or Epstein will be trading players in July if they are doing well and the Cubs are competing for a playoff spot.

Marmol was sent to the minors, got called back up the other day by the Dodgers…
None of these traded players helped the Cubs win…I have no problem at all what Theo is doing with rebuilding this entire organization……….if the Cubs were in a pennant race, Theo would be a BUYER instead of a SELLER……..

I do believe players want to show how good they are is when their contract is coming to an end and more money is around the corner for them. We saw it with Garza, Dempster and others in the past.

Cubs Talk, thanks for the clarification, I did mis read your comment.

I agree with your take on Junior Lake. I love seeing him perform. Has an abundance of raw talent and he`s got size. Could he be our Yasiel Puig? Am referencing the baseball aspect of Puig, not the baggage part.

Let history show that Jim Hendry did not want to sign Soriano to that large contract….it was Sam Zell who wanted Soriano, so he can attract buyers for the Cubs….

Now that Soriano is gone……I would think several more trades will happen……but I still believe that Theo will tell GM’s that Samardzija can be had on the 11th hour if the price is right…..

I believe the Braves, Diamondbacks and Dodgers know this.

Only five players remain from Hendry regime on this roster….Castro, Castillo, Russell, Barney & Samardzija.

I think you are correct about Hendry however HOW MUCH was he against signing Soriano? I certainly don’t recall him being candid about it at the time, just all smiles while putting the jersey on Soriano. Must have really needed to keep his job as a mouth piece for Sam Zell, I guess because a more astute GM might have had it in him to BE the GM and not allow such a signing. I think Hendry NOT being a current GM says it all….

Marmol ERA after two games with the Dodgers….13.50

Message For Carrie….when you go to San Francisco, always wear a flower in your hair……..

A Brewers female fan was told to leave the park by security after wearing a Braun jersey which she made into a “Fraud” on the back……she turned the jersey inside out to stay for the game….Brewers FO issued an apology and and invited her to a free Brewers game……the woman declined telling the Brewers she rather have Root Canal surgery than watch another Brewers game…….

Ted Lilly was released by the Dodgers……..at least the Cubs had his best years out of him….

Braves pushing hard for Russell……

But Gregg might be next to go…..

and so will Navarro.

Another prediction cubs talk? Or is this pretty reliable?

Also leads to another question, if Navarro is traded and Clevenger gone, the cubs will need a back up catcher. Who might that be, minors are very weak at that position.

Whats Koyie Hill doing these days?……

Miguel Oliva got let go by the Marlins a few weeks back….

Koyie Hill??? You are hilarious Cubs Talk!!! I kind of hope the Cubs keep both Navarro and Russell. Russell definitely young enough to be considered part of the future as a LH specialist and Navarro is relatively young enough as well, at least as a mentor/back up to Castillo for the next few years helping Castillo become a solid catcher…or finding out otherwise…

My predictions are always true….kept in hermetically sealed envelopes….which are kept in #2 mayonnaise jars on Epstein’s & Hoyer’s front porch……no one knows what is next except Theo, Jed & I.

Funny stuff Cubs Talk, glad you were “allowed” to post it!! Tell me this Swammee Cubs Talk…do you foresee the call up of a one Matthew Szczur anytime this season.
I sure do hope we see him along side Lake in the outfield now that the wheels are in motion…

I don’t see many minor league guys coming up…..the usual suspects ……Vitters & Jackson are on their last go around……Rusin, Raley, Grimm, and the guy from the Orioles trade……..I doubt if there is room for Szczur if both DeJesus & Schierholtz are not traded……OF already crowed with Lake , Borbon, Bourgesevic, Gillispe…….so I say no………no doubt Olt will be called up.

No question is there is lack of depth in Cubs system with catchers…….but Navarro will be dealt…one year contract…..a playoff team will want Navarro for his numbers he put up so far.

Phillies catcher Humberto Quintero elected free agency instead going to the minors…..Theo and Quintero’s agent should talk.

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