7/27 Could Samardzija be next?

According to FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal, the Cubs are listening to offers for Jeff Samardzija. But Rosenthal says the asking price is high. The 28-year-old right-hander has two arbitration years remaining. He’s compiled a 3.94 ERA in 21 starts this season with a 9.1 strikeout/per nine innings ratio. Theo Epstein has said no player is untouchable, but it would take quite a package to pry Samardzija loose. With the trade of Alfonso Soriano, Samardzija has the longest tenure with the Cubs among players on the 25-man roster.


ha ha ha ha….many months ago I was telling people the Cubs should trade this guy to speed up the rebuilding process……the Three Stooges and their buddies over at the other Cubs site must be in tears knowing what I said earlier would happen……….everyone one of them bad mouth me………….if Theo gets a an offer filled with top prospects, this trade will happen………

it is the 11th hour of the trade deadline……Game On……..

As I said before….I have Theo’s ear when it comes to making a Championship team.

Come on Cubs Talk, you were not the only one that brought that subject up.
There have been other posters that have stated that ever since he refused to discuss a contract extension. Myself included.
Naturally if they get a haul, I am all for it. If they dont get what they want, keep him.
Tell Theo that some of us approve. lol

You are taking yourself too seriously. Other organizations will find the price too out of reach for Shark`s services, and that`s as it should be. He`s valued highly and is why we need to retain the man.

Bradley, Eaton , Shipley, Holmberg for Samardzija


Alfaro, L. Jackson, Odor, Payano for Samradzija

That was Cubs Talk I accuse of being full of himself, not jasper.

Its cool jhosk. I dont think that either Texas or AZ D-Backs will give up 4 of their top 18 prospects for Samardizja. If they did, I would be just fine with that. lol

Doesn’t he have a full no-trade clause? Way back when he signed out of ND, I thought the reason he chose baseball over football was because he only wanted to play for the Cubs and not any other team.

Were we not informed today by Carrie that, now that Soriano has been jettisoned, there are no players left on the Cubs roster with a no-trade clause, and there will not be any as long as Theo Epstein is running the show, as he apparently does not put stock in those.

Yes, that’s right, thanks for reminding me. And we all have to remember that Theo is running the show, not us!

Would hate to see Samardzija leave, though. Seems like he is only just figuring out how to pitch effectively and doesn’t have as much wear and tear on him as other guys his age.

Yes, I agree D-Man. Isn`t it hard to believe Smardj is the longest tenured athlete on the 25 man? Feels as though he has not been with us all that long; shows you how fluid these things are.

Yep, hard to believe he is the longest-tenured player. I suppose that part of it is that he has been a starter only a couple of years. Before that he was just another reliever with potential. But anyway it is nice to see the new article about dismissing the trade rumors as being silly. The GMs always listen, but it will take a heck of a lot for anyone to get Samardzija. Even a young team needs a veteran leader in the clubhouse.

Want to keep Samardzija?…..better think of a $18-$22 million per year…….lets speed up this rebuilding process…trade Samardzija for top notch prospects.

Wasn`t it you who made the point that Theo wants to clear the deck of athletes who were in place before he signed on? That is concerning, I must say. I do believe he wants a roster of folk he is directly responsible for bringing aboard. As a result, he will make Smardj available, but I do not want him given away; I want more than equal value for the dude, just as we received for Soriano. In Soriano`s case, it was addition by subtraction. Smardj is very different. We should demand several high quality prospects. If that offer is not tendered, we keep him.

We have Shark under control for two more years…so there is no rush to trade him now…Theo wants to see if there is a Sucker….I mean a GM out there willing to overpay on Shark……next July could be different for who the Cubs are looking at……..Comparing Shark to Soriano is Apples and Oranges……we got 4-5 players for Garza……Theo want top prospects for Shark due to age, health and future abilities.

Funny to see all nay sayers at Cubs Den now agreeing to trade Shark…….those guys know nothing about baseball than they do about fornication.

Can I say that?

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