7/28 Sing along

The Cubs return to Wrigley Field on Monday to play the Brewers. Here’s the lineup for seventh inning stretch singers:

Monday: journalist Bill Kurtis
Tuesday (day): Former Cub Rich Nye
Tuesday (night): WWE superstar CM Punk
Wednesday: Members of the Chicago Fire TV show
Thursday: actor and Chicago native Jim Belushi, whose daughter, Jami will sing the anthem
Friday: Actor Michael Shannon
Saturday: TBD
Sunday: Former Cubs catcher Jody Davis


One of the reasons I follow the Cubs….NOT!

One of the reasons I like Ur posts…. not!!!!

Really?….you enjoy these people who come in and botch or sing out of tune “Take Me Out To Ballgame” song?…..and then talk about their new movie, album or tv show?…………I give in where some hot looking actress comes in and makes Len have a big grin……..but to me, it is time to stop it….maybe have it on the weekends, but not every game…………I have to say the best 7th inning interview was the one with CHiPs star Eric Estrada…..that interview was all over the road……..so enjoy Bill Kurtis this week……..maybe Walter Jacobson can join in.

If I am not wrong, this tradition was started after Harry’s death to honor him? Its really not about the song as it is about the honor, which has now become a tradition. Its for the fans at the park that day, so really, what does it matter?
If it gets the crowd up & going in the 7th, cool. I am sure the list was posted for those who do enjoy the tradition.

Its cool to see Jody Davis and Rich Nye’s names listed. Rich Nye would be an interesting guy to talk to, or just ask questions for an hour or so. LH pitcher for the Cubs 1966 to 69. He was Don Youngs room mate on the road.
He was a Veterinarian and worked with exoctic birds. Also loved to spend time at the Chicago Mecantile exchange where he had a membership as a broker.
His days with the Cubs under Leo Durocher and the stories he could tell would be amazing.

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