7/29 Frank Castillo

Sad news out of Arizona: Frank Castillo died at the age of 44. He drowned in Bartlett Lake in Arizona on Sunday. Authorities say he went swimming with a friend but did not come back up out of the water.

The Cubs drafted him in 1987, and he pitched for the team from 1991-97, compiling a 47-62 record and 4.29 ERA in 166 games (161 starts). He spent at least one year as the Mesa Rookie League team’s pitching coach.

Castillo’s family issued a statement through KVIA in El Paso, which was his hometown:

“Frank Castillo died on Sunday in a drowning accident while with his family at a lake near his home. Frank was a wonderful son, terrific brother, and an extraordinary father to his two beautiful girls. Everyone who knew Frank loved Frank. We are devastated by this loss. It is impossible to express in words the level of sadness we feel due to this tragedy. All of those who counted Frank as a personal friend, and to all those wonderful fans who cheered for him during his Major League career, we genuinely appreciate your prayers and kind words during this extremely difficult time. While we may not be able to thank each of you in person, it is very comforting to know that you are with us in spirit.”


Three pitchers of the 97 Cubs team are gone now….Castillo, Forster and Gonzalez.

My wife was giving birth to my daughter Taylor on 09/25/95 when Frank Castillo was in the middle of pitching a no hitter for the Cubs which he lost in the ninth inning…finishing with a one hitter. RIP Frank

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