7/29 Playing to win

The Cubs are 30-25 since May 26, the fourth best record in the National League in that span, trailing the Dodgers, Cardinals and Pirates. Chicago is 48-55 overall. What would it mean to finish this season with a .500 record?

“Well, I mean it’s a number,” manager Dale Sveum said. “We’re trying to obviously get the whole organization healthy and all of that so, you know, it’s a number that, coming from where we were, and obviously now we see a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel to possibly get there in the next two months, it’s something to shoot for. It’s a goal that you want to have, but it’s not a goal that we want to have with this organization because I think those kind of things hold things back, too. ‘Oh, as long as we get to .500, yipee,’ but you’re still going home like everybody else who’s not in the playoffs.”

— Carrie Muskat


.500 would mean a lower draft pick, right? Kind of a damned If you do, damned if you don’t situation. I would think the Cubs are better off…a’hem…getting higher draft picks, at least for one more season…

Good call joey, I have to take it easier on the Cubs DP duo and their low OBP’s for that reason.

Truth be told, and this coming from a “Barney Backer” our up the middle DP combo’s sucky offense is the only thing they are actually contributing to the team…no offense, less victories, worse record….higher draft picks. After next year the gloves are off as far as I am concerned regarding both Castro and Barney. If upgrades are available (via promotions, FA’s, trades) then let it be so. Sooner or later (next season, I hope) this team has to BEGIN the winning and move on from the REBUILDING.

My guess or prediction is the Cubs start turning it around starting AUG 2014. thats when some of these youngsters should start coming up and getting in a few games to be ready for 2015.

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