7/29 Junior Lake walkup music

Organist Gary Pressy has been playing “Smoke on the Water” when Junior Lake comes up to hit. Some in the Wrigley Field press box think it should be changed to “Lake Shore Drive.” Looking for water related music — “Under the Sea”? — and suggestions for Lake’s walk-up tune. Thanks.


Lake of Fire – Meat Puppets

‘(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay’ – Otis Redding

We need some “wake up” music for some of our hitters.

“lsd” by aliotta haynes jeremiah is a great song but “smoke on the water” seems more aggressive and appropriate for a ball player. Think Trevor Hoffman and “Hells Bells”.

“Junior’s Farm” – Paul McCartney

Sort of a stretch, and I doubt Junior would appreciate it, but Lakeside Park by Rush would be cool.

I vote for Lake Shore Drive. Of course, if he wanted to go all prince Fielder–who uses Mozart for his walkup–he could go with Handel’s “Water Music.”

How bout Fire Lake – Bob Seger

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