7/30 Samardzija rumors “far fetched”

The Trade Deadline is Wednesday at 3 p.m. CT, and manager Dale Sveum doesn’t expect Jeff Samardzija to be doing anything but prepping for his next start with the Cubs. Rumors continue to swirl about the Cubs listening to offers for Samardzija.

“If somebody asks, sure,” Sveum said on whether the Cubs were keeping an open mind. “That’s not my job, so I don’t know what goes in those kind of meetings. It’s not realistic [to deal Samardzija].”

The Cubs would have to be offered a lot to part with the 28-year-old right-hander who is under team control for two more years.

“This is me speaking, but I would think it’s very, very far-fetched to think that you have a guy under control for that long and possibly a No. 1 guy to do anything with him,” Sveum said. “Those are things that pop up and somebody will say, sure you’ll listen. But are you going to want to trade half your team [to get Samardzija]?”

Meanwhile, Kevin Gregg and Nate Schierholtz wait to see if they will stay with the Cubs past the deadline.

“It is a compliment to be rumored,” Sveum said. “Some people get to be part of a pennant race and get to the playoffs and do some fun things.”

— Carrie Muskat


Keep Smardijaja. Trade Gregg and either DeJesus or Nate. But I’d keep Nate over DeJesus.

And I like Mrs. Kim DeJesus over Nate.

So do u get it now? Shark not going anywhere…

I would put Shark out there to see what you could get in return ,I don’t think he is an ACE on there staff or could be an ACE on another team ,value would be very high now with his contract and you would get back multiple pitchers and prospects in a .trade hopefully a left-hander or two plus relievers or catching prospect.Trade Schierholtz to Pirates for a good prospect or major leaguer like Tabata and DeJesus to Reds or RedSox for pitching prospects or catchers,Gregg and Russell package should bring a nice return from a contender

He is showing the stuff needed to be a very good pitcher but I agree with you as far as him being or becoming an ACE, I think he will fall just short of that moniker as he does not dominate on a regular basis as I said in another comment (regular basis being my point…). The Shark has too many games that are just below ACE quality to group him with other ACEs. Plus his ERA should be closer to 3.0 (or lower) than to 4.0 and it stands around 3.75 right about now. I think he is settling into a role of a quality no. 2 or no. 3 pitcher on a very good team, which is not the Cubs at this point. I certainly would listen to offers too Mark. He may have the potential to be an ACE but so do many other pitchers that are even younger than The Shark.

Just to clarify I am not hoping that The Shark gets traded just that I would be open to the idea if a great return can be had. But I think when all is said and done the Cubs will try to extend his contract again before resigning his fate to a trade in a few years. The team will still need a pitcher better than The Shark to help them get to the playoffs.

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Maybe Theo does not like what is being offer now for Shark…….so Theo will seek an extension….or next year this time, Theo will be more serious of trading off Shark………no matter what Shark says, it is all about the money. So Shark, don’t insult your fan base.

Sveum thinking that The Shark may be a “No. 1 guy” says a lot about him. No.1 guy is an ACE correct? I doubt The Shark would be that ace. He’s very good and is a healthy pitcher yet he does not dominate on a regular basis, in fact he tends to allow some innings to go on too long and throws too many pitches. Just last night after one out, Jim DeShaies stated on air that the inning should be relatively easy for Jeff having to face the pitcher and the lead off man after retiring the no. 8 hitter to start the inning… no sooner said than two men get on, Jeff is over 103 pitches and only in the 7th inning. No 1 guy?, not with those types of outings (and that was against the lowly Brewers!) not YET anyway but Sveum may turn blue if holding his breath.
Jeff gives us a chance to win games no doubt and the offense usually lets him down but a high pitch count vs. the Brewers like last night does not add up to No. 1 material. if Epstein can come up with a true ace in the next two years and some offense then Jeff will be a big part of a winning team but he won’t be leading it as an ace.

Doesn’t dominate? He has like 6th highest k…. era is somewhat high but still OK… healthy… hard thrower… pitchers late into games… and really this is his 2nd full year starting …. shark has ace potential

He is still learning how to be a starter. With his stuff he can be very good. Time will tell. We have two years to find out. Go Cubs!

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