7/31 Baez, Mota spark Smokies

Javier Baez hit a two-run homer to help Tennessee beat Birmingham, 3-2 on Wednesday. Jonathan Mota hit a game-winning RBI single in the seventh. Baez now has hit 28 home runs for the season between Class A Daytona and Double-A Tennessee.


Can you say September call-up for Baez????? Does anyone know what position he is best suited for?

Not happening

The jury is still out on that question, I do believe. I`m leaning toward second base.

No need to rush. Still needs to work on the glove, especially if he’s going to play a different position.

I know he’s slumped a little lately, but I still want to see Szczur promoted to AAA yesterday if not sooner.

I’m with ya Mat but we will be crucified by the usual suspects for wanting to “rush” a player. But I would like to see him and Lake play together getting some experience and getting ready for next year. I don’t care if it’s at the expense of Dejesus who is just…Dejesus… or Schierholtz both of which are not long term bound on this team. Might as well start grooming the young guys so they won’t be too green in 2014 and give them the opportunity to stake a claim before Soler and Almora take over. Hell, bring up Olt too and get this thing going, it’s not like they will be pushing aside EXCELLENT ballplayers, just mediocre ones in Valbuena, Barney, Dejesus, Borbon, and Ransom. Sooner or later we need to stop re-stocking the minors and see if they can handle the majors in order determine our FA needs and or trade needs to compete in 2015. When the Cubs SHOULD be buyers.

Bringing them up now doesn’t make them ready sooner … it takes time and at bats… experience… playing time… and they get more of it where they are..mlb is too fast for them at this time

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