7/31 Hoyer: Not close to deal

Cubs GM Jed Hoyer said they were never that close to making a deal at the non-waiver Trade Deadline.

“The good thing is we feel we were incredibly productive this month,” Hoyer said. “We made a lot of deals and feel we got better as an organization this month.”

There was interest in Nate Schierholtz, David DeJesus, Kevin Gregg, James Russell, Dioner Navarro and Carlos Villanueva, but no deals were made.

“We’re happy with the players we kept, if you want to look at it that way,” Hoyer said. “We thought we had a high, but not unreasonably high price on some of the guys. A lot of the guys who were being asked about, we control going forward. We feel it makes our winter potentially easier. We didn’t have the value there to make any deals today. It’s fine. I think our July was really productive and we’re happy about it and now we can move forward.”

Hoyer said when teams make deals early in the month, they’re pretty specific about what they want.

“It was strategic to move early and we’re glad we did it,” he said.

The Cubs’ plan is to continue to acquire assets. That won’t change.

“One thing is obvious from today if you look around the league is that people hold really tight to their young players,” he said. “We need to get a lot more of them. That part won’t change. I’d love to be in a situation where we’re on the other side of the conversation next year and years going forward.”

— Carrie Muskat


O man cubs talk I thought u said shark was gone? Lol NOT!

From what i understand is that they didn’t find the blockbuster they wanted, gonna try once again for an extension this offseason and if he resists then they will be serious about trading him.

Shark knows the business… if the cubs low ball him and he knows it why would he sign a deal? Pitching is expensive and shark is a great pitcher

I dont disagree with you too much petrey, but great? He may become great, but I have my doubts on that. I would sign Wood before I signed Samardizja, both would be ok. I know Wood is under team control a few years, but so was Rizzo and Castro.

Shark is top 10 in strikeouts… top 20 innings … put him on a better team and he is significantly better overall stats…. shark is a legit #2 right now with ace potential…. I consider that great BC not many teams have that in a homegrown younger pitcher

A great pitcher? That`s hyperbole, dude. Shark is decent and can be a significant piece of a sound rotation. Great pitchers are aces and #1`s. That is not how Shark is defined.

Sounds about right to me jhosk, I agree with you and Jasper regarding The Shark. A pitcher that would certainly be welcome in anybody’s rotation but to call him great is premature (not surprising considering the source…). I read in today’s paper that if not extended the Cubs will move beyond listening to offers and actively try to trade him knowing they will eventually lose him. I hear The Shark is not in it for the money so at least there exists a reasonable chance he signs an extension this winter, maybe he just wants to prove himself and his worth to the team in a commendable and respectable way.

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