7/31 Trade rumors

According to FOX Sports and MLB Network’s Ken Rosenthal, the Cubs are expected to move either David DeJesus or Nate Schierholtz today. The Pirates are interested in both. The Pirates, who have a 1 1/2 game lead in the NL Central over the Cardinals, could use a left-handed bat. They’re hitting .241 against right-handed pitching compared to .251 vs. lefties. Schierholtz was batting .283 against right-handers with a career-high 14 home runs. DeJesus, who just returned from the DL, was batting .282 against right-handers. Money-wise, DeJesus has a $6.5 million club option for 2014, while Schierholtz was only signed for this year and would be a less expensive option.


I Hope it’s Dejesus, that would free up CF for Lake and free up LF for Sweeney (when he returns) or even Szczur should they decide to let him have a chance as they did Lake. Plus Schierholtz has SOME power which this team will desperately need for next season. Either way it is nice to see the advent of an all new outfield.

Dejesus would be my choice also, but I would put the two OF’s on the back burner. Move Gregg and Russell up to the front burner. The bullpen was awful yesterday, it could be that the trade rumors are affecting the performance of these guys, but the facts ( my opinion ) Russell started out hot, but has been worn down of late. Lots of games last year and this year, get something for him.
Gregg has just been more lucky than good, get what you can and say thank you & good bye.

I sure hope they keep Nate, just saw him play beautifully in his old park, SF. He is a player that is good for this team. Fine if they want to move DeJesus and Gregg/Russell but please keep Nate.

I`d like to know whom we are likely to receive from the Pirates in return for one or more of our outfielders. This report does not address that important issue. If had my druthers, I`d keep Nate. Would want him as part of next season`s roster.

I like Schierholtz in the line up also and would not mind seeing him there in 2014. On the other hand if he were traded for someone who may have an inpact 2015 & beyond, it would be worth it.
I am sure this is a very tough decision for management right now.

Your thoughts?

Stockpiling prospects is the way to go, Jasper, but one needs to give something of value in return. The Bosox fans found that out recently when they had to send the coveted Iglesias to the Pale Hose as part of the Peavy deal.

Only a few hours left, alot of talk, gossip, rumors but nothing yet. So we just wait & see, right? lol

I would prefer to keep DeJesus. He seems to be a good influence to the younger players. Theo seemed to make a point of that when DeJesus was rehabbing in Arizona. I believe the club also has an option for him in 2014.
I would also keep Schierholtz – we need all the hitting we can get.
I can’t believe any team would give up anything of value for Russell and Gregg.

Agree cubfanron, that why I said, get what you can. Teams in need, may give up a Class A prospect or some International money, or? < for Gregg or Russell.

I want dejesus gone… fine player but we can upgrade this off season with ellsbury…. shierholtz is good but let’s not forget this is the best he has played…. can it continue? I think he is at least a good platoon player…. if one of them gets traded we need an outfielder this off season and ellsbury would be a great leadoff hitter…

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