7/31 Cubs 6, Brewers 1

Apparently, Edwin Jackson doesn’t mind a little rain. Anthony Rizzo belted a two-run home run, Starlin Castro added a solo shot and David DeJesus drove in three runs to back Jackson, who continued his second-half resurgence, and lift the Cubs to a 6-1 victory Wednesday night over the Brewers, and avoid a sweep.

Rain stopped play with two outs in the Brewers’ sixth, but Jackson returned after the 1 hour 6 minute delay. The Cubs were going to let the right-hander continue if he was on the mound within one hour. Jackson just made it. He was back on the mound in 55 minutes from when the game was stopped. What did he do during the break?

“I listened to music, rode the bike, and just sat and waited and hoped it didn’t go past 10 [p.m.] because I would’ve been done,” Jackson said. “I just tried to stay loose any way you can and stay relaxed, but still focused at the same time.”

He recalled a game against the Tigers once when he had to wait an hour because of rain, yet still finished the game. This isn’t the first time nature has messed up one of Jackson’s starts. One of his best outings was May 28 against the White Sox, when rained postponed the game after 3 1/3 innings.

“I’m the rain man,” Jackson said. “I’m the designated rain man. It seems like mostly every start we’ve had that’s been rained out has been on my day. I don’t know, maybe a black cloud is trying to follow me.”

There’s a silver lining. The right-hander won for the fourth time in his last six starts, scattering eight hits, including a RBI double by Jonathan Lucroy in the eighth, over eight innings. He completed five July starts with a 1.83 ERA (seven earned runs over 34 1/3 innings).

“His fastball, since the fourth or fifth start of the year, he’s creating a lot of ground balls and getting late action,” Cubs manager Dale Sveum said. “He’s got a ratio of ground ball to fly ball like a power type sinker guy now. It’s 2-to-1, and it’s off the charts for a guy like Derek Lowe and Kevin Brown and [Jake] Peavy who make their living on ground balls. At the beginning of the year, every ground ball he gave up found a hole, and now they’re going at people.”

— Carrie Muskat


Intresting post!

Edwin Jackson, best second half pitcher Cubs have now…….should bring us a great return in prospects next July if he still is like this.

If he is pitching this good next July don’t you think he will REMAIN part of the rotation along with Samardzija, Wood and Arietta so that the Cubs can finally move on, become buyers and compete?
Buying one Ace pitcher and a couple of key RBI men? Jackson is very controllable for 4 more years I think Epstein had him in mind to be around as a healthy, innings eater no. 3 or 4 guy.

Hard to tell what the rotation may look like next year, but I think joey has one thing right: Jackson was signed for that 3-5 position in the rotation. Of course with that said, the right offer comes along, who knows?
Hoyer and Epstein have done an amazing job rebuilding signing FA’s Maholm and Felder. They have really hit the Rangers Farm System hard with the trades of potential FA’s Dempster and Garza. That Soto trade to the Rangers may work out very well also.
The signing of DeJesus, Schierholtz, Navarro is not going to take the Cubs to the playoff’s, but with a little luck, it would have put them over 500. Why do I think that?
The bullpen lost two more games in a double header this week. The bullpen has been terrible and lost many games. Management signed Fujikawa for that reason, but early on, arm injury ruined that plan.
Then the down years of Rizzo and Castro has really hurt the run production, not to mention Barney not even looking like a Major Leaguer this year.
Next year, I think a couple improvements need to be addressed: Catcher and 2B! 2B can be improved through the system. It could be Lake, Baez or Watkins depending how they do in ST. I do not see anyone in the system close to a ML role at Catcher.
I do not think next year is the time to sign high dollar FA;s, just to apease the fans. I see a INF of Riizo, Castro, ( having better years ) Olt and Baez or Lake. Valbuena being the main back up. OF could be the same, If Lake is at 2B, the Dejesus, Schierholtz, Sweeny, Bogusvic and???
So as a high priced FA bat, I dont think so or I hope not. If FA’s are signed I hope its starters such as a Feldman, Maholm and the Cubs continue to stock the low minors while the guys in the low minors are being promoted.
The Cubs do need a few catching prospects to step up.

No way are they trading Jackson…. seriously stop with the trade everyone for prospects…. we gotta keep some guys to build from… no one has ever built a WS team off of their own prospects only … free agent acquisition s are needed

Are we finally realizing barney is not a starter in the bigs…. man how long have I been saying this!!!!!!!

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