8/2 Newest Cub, Eloy Jimenez


Here’s Eloy Jimenez signing his contract with the Cubs. The 16-year-old Dominican outfielder, who signed for $2.8 million, is considered the top international prospect in MLB.com’s ratings.


What a nice photo. Baseball is great! God bless him and his family. Can’t wait to see him at Wrigley next to the “veterans” Soler and Amora..ha! Go Cubs!!

What happened to sanity? $2.8 mjl to the equivalent of a high school junior? Just how deep are the Ricketts pockets??

Darrell, if you’re still questioning sanity in professional sports (or the entertainment industry) you’re a little late to the party. Sanity has left the building. It has never been up to us fans to determine value of players even young players such as Jimenez. Now is the time to just accept that RICH people spend THEIR money the way THEY want to and be grateful that the Ricketts are “in the game” so that we fans can see our beloved Cubs turn a sorry franchise around. At least the Ricketts/Epstein combo is spending money on “Will Bes” rather than “Has Beens” ala Zell/Hendry.

Id that why prices for tickets to watch a .440 winning percentage ballclub are off the scale? At least the Blackhawks provide wins WHILE they’re rebuilding.

Does Jimenez have the potential to become another Yasiel Puig, joey? That`s what I`m seeking for ou club. Puig is the real deal and I`m wanting Jimenez to become that. Why should the Dodgers have a corner on that market? They are already loaded with talent. This dude pitching today, Ryu, is stellar according to tim Kurchian. Our hurler is not shabby either. On paper, it should be a low scoring contest, as was Yankee/Dodger game Wednesday evening with Kuroda vs. Kershaw. Both pitched nothing but shutout innings while each was in contest.

I have no idea about Jimenez being another Puig. He’s only 16, maybe he will turn out to be the next JIMINEZ? Could be better than Puig could be worse. I am just glad the Cubs/Rickets spent the dough on this kid. Could they have bought Puig? or Ryu? Probably but the TEAM wouldn’t have been ready to compete with them. in a few years AFTER developing a nucleus and core for a competitive team then I trust the Ricketts/Cubs will spend big dough on established players to round out a run for the WS.

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