8/3 Roster move

Julio Borbon was designated for assignment after Friday’s game, and a base running mistake, and the Cubs selected the contract of Donnie Murphy on Saturday.
Murphy’s line at Iowa .265/.338/.457 in 89 games with 18 doubles, two triples, 12 homers and 41 RBIs.


it took a bad base running mistake to be the final straw that broke his career with the cubs. Something that should have and been done weeks ago! Why do we continue to watch guys like borbon, ransom, barney and villbuena play.

In personnel terms, Joe, management or the coaching staff give these guys what is called a ” halo effect.” No matter how they perform, there is some redeeming quality in them, (personality, key hit at some point in their life, drinking buddy,etc.) that makes them untouchable. Unfortunately, in competitive sports, performers have to play on edge in order to perform at a level that makes them valuable to the organization, to the fans and ultimately to the player himself. Ever notice when a player gets a long term contract how his performance falls off? Not rocket science.
The late Bill Veeck proved that a long time ago when he had fans in the stands manage a big league game and won! A good field manager can be worth his weight in gold, unfortunately, they are hard to come by. The Cubs will have to make some very hard decisions in the next year if they don’t want to fall into the old adage, “Wait till next year.” That’ the way I see it.

It seems to me Castro`s decline coincided with his signing a lucrative long term deal.

Bingo. Castro may be better suited at 3rd base. His reaction time at short and natural tendency to sit back on ground balls is a negative at that position. At bat, his long arc swing leaves him open to the lunging and swinging at bad pitches. If I were his hitting coach, I’d have him hold the bat in a vertical position, shorten his stride with a quick stroke. That would give him more time to evaluate the pitch, still retain his natural power and increase his average. He needs to think contact and hits, the homers will follow naturally. Even though the money is big with his contract, he has to have someone that can communicate to him that the money will someday be gone and he has a short time to prove to himself and Cubs fans that he was worth the investment, not to mention his own legacy.

Guys Castro is what 22….. give me a break… how many guys his age have had as many hits as him? Third base? With what arm? Maybe better at 2nd if Baez can manage ss. Castro last 100 ab have been much better… Castro doesn’t have long swing just bad approach… his swing is rather quick or short which gets him in trouble… he’s Young and will hopefully learn

He’s too dumb to learn.

Ur comment is dumb…

Obviously we are seeing these type of has-been, washed up, discarded type of players (is Murphy yet another? More than likely) all year because our minor league system although is being replenished is not yet quite ready for the big leagues and the management would rather fill roster spots with players and their careers they care little about. In other words they are just filling the obligatory roster to field a team buying time for some quality minor leaguers to develop. We are seeing a slow influx of some home grown players now that the trade deadline is gone, roster spots have been created etc. Even so, these players may not be the crown jewels (Soler, Almora, Baez etc. as they are way too raw yet) of the system but are deserving of a chance. So far so good with the cautious approach. I expect next year we’ll see the first significant change to the operating methods of Hoystein and see a better roster.

Well, I see I’ve created some detractors to my theories. Let me say this about Castro. He has about 1 strikeout for every ML hit. If one thinks that his swing is not long and his problem is “a bad approach”; whatever that means, then we have a difference of opinion that cannot be resolved on this forum. Much like someone who sees a glass half full or half empty. However, if your thesis were correct I would have agreed with you. And if someone has the talent to play shortstop, he certainly can play 3rd base which in the majority of fielding opportunities the ball arrives quicker and the throw is shorter. I mean, Miguel Cabrera with the Tigers moved from 1st to 3rd and became an All Star.

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