8/4 Cubs lineup

Logan Watkins was promoted from Triple-A Iowa and will start at second base in the Cubs’ finale vs. the Dodgers. Donnie Murphy also gets his first start at shortstop. Here’s the lineup:

DeJesus CF
Lake LF
Rizzo 1B
Navarro C
Schierholtz RF
Ransom 3B
Watkins 2B
Murphy SS
Villanueva P

* The Cubs need a win Sunday to prevent the Dodgers from netting their first series sweep of four or more games at Wrigley since taking a five-game set, July 14-18, 1988.

* The Cubs have played 38 one-run games, going 15-23, tied for third-most in the Majors (the Royals and Mets have played 39 one-run games apiece). The Cubs are 27-32 in games decided by two or fewer runs.

* With 26 victories on the road and 23 at Wrigley Field, the Cubs are one of three teams to sport more road wins than home wins this season.


Brace yourself White, we may be seeing the beginning of the end for Barney….it was a good run but not good enough. Even we Barney backers must concede his anemic offense can be overlooked for so long. Time to start evaluating his possible replacements. I am glad to see Watkins get that evaluation. Murphy? Not so sure he isn’t just another “warm body” ala Ransom, Borbon, Gillespie…


Seriously Watkins CAN’T hold Barney’s Jock Strap… IE “Evaluation”??? Check his current 2013 AAA Stats —- Horrendous for AAA Ball….

Just another Move….

The desperate FO is Rolling Any and Everything as evidence by using up ALL the International $$$ this YEAR and if it does not happen — Theo is GONE in 3-4 YEARS NO ? in Hopefully something better than A Gorilla Costume….

BUT the Presure will BE Here in 1-2 Years AND with his WEIRD MakeUP — Uhhh HE Will CHECK OUT!!!!

That was a sad post. Building from the bottom up does not mean there is talent at AAA. Just this year there has been an infusion of some talent at AA. Murphy at SS yesterday is an example of an ex Major Leaguer that was signed to AAA, simpley because there was no talent at AAA. You still have to have players at that level to get by until those A and AA guys are ready.
Not alot of Hendry Draft Picks making the grade. Kinda make me wonder why fans cant see this.
Maybe some fans should CHECK OUT!!!!

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