8/6 Cubs lineup

Donnie Murphy starts at third base on Tuesday in the Cubs’ series opener against the Phillies. Here’s the lineup:

DeJesus CF
Lake LF
Rizzo 1B
Schierholtz RF
Castro SS
Castillo C
Barney 2B
Murphy 3B
E. Jackson P

* The Cubs are 11-9 in their last 20 road games, and have already collected 26 wins on the road, surpassing their 23 wins away from Wrigley Field all of last season. The Cubs are one of four teams to have more road wins than home wins this season. Others to do so are the Mets (22 home wins, 27 road wins), the Royals (28, 29) and the Cardinals (32, 33).

* Jackson has gone 6-3 with a 3.13 ERA (22 ER/63 1/3 IP) in his last 11 starts beginning June 9, including wins in four of his last six starts during which he has posted a 2.23 ERA (10 ER/40 1/3 IP). During this stretch, he has lowered his season ERA more than a point and a half, from 6.29 to 4.65.


Anyone care to take back their comments on ejax? Amazing what a bigger sample size shows

Agree petrey, hoping for another good game from him. I also was hoping too see Neil in the line up.

Not really sold on this line up. I think Gillespie should be given a chance at 3rd for better power numbers. I still think DeJesus should be in left with Junior in center.
Castro I would move to the two hole to give him more bats, but with the purpose to move runners along and/or be a set up guy. The 5 hole is for strictly power hitters and he’ not. He needs to play within himself and cut down on swinging for the fences. I think if you show enough confidence in Junior, he can handle the 4 slot.
My lineup would look like this:
DeJesus. LF
Castro. SS
Rizzo. 1b
Lake. CF
Schierholtz. RF
Gillespie. 3b
Castillo. C
Barney. 2b
Jackson. P

Anyway, that’ the way I see it.

Very interesting Diamond Jim. I wasnt even aware that Gillespie played 3rd Base??
I agree with Castro batting 2nd, especially if he would do like he did the 1st year up, bunt for a hit once in awhile. He has not done that and his AVG shows it.
Lake would be my leadoff hitter because he can use his speed with a bunt hit, making the INF play him in, giving him more chance of getting a ball by them when he does swing away.
Rizzo is always 3rd for the power & especially OBP. However, I would rest him against tough LH pitchers, that never happens.
I would like a RH bat between Rizzo & Schierholtz against RH pitching. There really is none on this team. So question?? Would Castillo make better contact or see better pitches with Scherholtz hitting behind him, instead of Barney? Maybe??
Barney is definately a 8th place hitter, wont bunt, wont SAC, has no weapons at the plate, in fact whoever hits 7th, suffers and wont see anything good to hit, because of Barney.
In fact when Wood pitches, Barney would be batting 9th if it were my line up.
so, my line up, just to try it !!!
Lake CF
Castro SS
Rizzo 1B
Castillo C
Scherholtz RF
Neil LF
Watkins 2B

This would be against RH pitching. 3b I would be calling Hoyer to get me someone now, with Valbuena on the DL, there is no 3rd Baseman in site on this team, yes, that includes Ransom.

If I put Lake at Leadoff with his speed, no need for DeJesus, so I would try Neil in LF.

RH hitter in between Rizzo & Scherholz makes the pitcher have to adjust in the middle of the line up, hoefully keeping him from getting into a groove..

This is Poppy and I agree that the above lineup posted by Carrie Muskrat will result in a 10-2 Cubs loss (the two runs will come on a throwing error by Michael Young after Junior lake tries a squeeze bunt, which is further proof that everytime the Cubs have a runner on 3rd with less than two outs they need to do a squeeze bunt because it puts pressure on the defense to make a play and it usually results in runs). Here is the lineup that will result in a 5-4 Cubs win:

Barney SS
Lake 3B
Neil Neal RF
Jackson CF
Navarro C
Rizzio 1b
DeJesus LF
Castro 2B
Rondon P

I know what you’re thinking, why bat Barney leadoff? Well, everytime I think the Cubs need to get a hit and he’s up, you know what? HE GETS A HIT!!! So if you bat him leadoff then I guarantee you he will get a hit! As for Neal Neil Kneel, you give him a shot today and if he goes 0 for 4 then you cut him and you call up Julio Borbon because he deserves another chance. Brent Action Jackson, he needs to be up NOW!!! You move Castro to second because you know that he’s going to have to move eventually, so might as well do it now. And Rondon should start because we all know that Edward Jackson is bad and making way too much money and that Rondon is making nothing and all he needs to do is pitch 6 innings and give up 3 runs and the Cubs will probably win, something which they haven’t done yet with Eddard Jackson yet.

Carrie, please get this lineup to management right away! Tell them that it’s from Poppy and that Poppy guarantees a 5-4 Cubs win. If they go with the lineup you posted, they will lose 10-2. And that’s a Poppy Guarantee that you can put in your Poppy Knows Best file under Baseball, Game Scores, Cubs section.

lol, that was funny and even had some good points to go along with good humor.

You know what we really need? 2015.

Barney’s OBP is .263 (he’s hitting .215 overall), so he isn’t exactly a leadoff hitter type. DeJesus has a .328 OBP, for example. I agree with Joey. We need 2015.

Stats what a novel idea…

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