8/6 Welcome back, Sori

With all the attention on Alex Rodriguez, what might have been missed is that Alfonso Soriano returned to Chicago on Monday for the first time since being traded by the Cubs to the Yankees.

“I love this city,” Soriano said. “It’s not a surprise for anybody. [But] now with the new [Yankees uniform], I’m happy.”

Soriano said he spoke with some of his former Cubs teammates when he got to town.

“On my way to the ballpark, I just spoke to [Cubs catcher Welington] Castillo — they had a day off in Philadelphia — and I just talked a little bit with him. They’re OK.”

He said he knows his former teammates miss him, but he’s happy to be in Yankees pinstripes.

“It’s part of the game,” Soriano said. “You know, sometimes you’ve got to move, do the best for me and for my family. I tried to do the best for the team in Chicago and the city, but it [didn’t] work, so now I’m with a new team.”


Soriano was asked for his take on the PED scandal.

“I’m very upset with the people who tried to do something wrong in baseball,” Soriano told reporters, including Bruce Miles of the Daily Herald. “I know myself I don’t like to talk too much about those problems because I’ve never been, and I don’t know about anything else.”

Was he surprised at the names of the players suspended?

“Not surprised at the names,” he siad. “It surprised me that people keep trying. That makes me surprised because they know that Major League [Baseball] put in those rules and they cannot keep trying. If you try to do something wrong, sooner or later, they’re going to get you.”

Players are competitive, but should compete on an even playing field.

“We like to compete, but compete clean,” Soriano said. “Just compete clean and see what happens. A lot of guys have too much talent, and they don’t know. They don’t need [PEDs] and they don’t have to try to do something wrong because God gave them the talent. Don’t try to be like a super hero or something like that. Just play with the talent God gave you.”

How should his time in Chicago be remembered?

“My answer is all the work that I put in myself to make the team better and try to win a championship,” he siad. “When I signed with the Cubs, that’s waht I had in my mind. I didn’t sign just because of the money. I signed to try to give a championship to the city, and that’s what I remember.”

When Soriano was traded to the Yankees, he met with Theo Epstein.

“He told me it was an honor to have me,” Soriano said of his conversation with Epstein. “He had a lot of respect for me, so I have a lot of respect for him, too.”

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always liked sori he will be missed

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