8/7 Almora to DL

The Cubs’ 2012 first-round pick Albert Almora has been placed on Kane County’s seven-day disabled list, retroactive to Aug. 5, because of a groin injury. Catcher Neftali Rosario has been activated from the disabled list. Almora has played in 61 games with Kane County since joining the team May 21. He leads the team with a .376 on-base percentage and .329 batting average, and has hit three home runs with 23 RBIs. The Cougars are currently carrying three outfielders (Jose Dore, Reggie Golden and Oliver Zapata) although Willson Contreras, while primarily used as a catcher this season, was in right field on Sunday and played 16 games as an outfielder last season with Short-A Boise.


Isnt this the 2nd time Almora has hit the DL? Hopefully he gets all the injuries behind him quickly.

This is Poppy. Alberto’s injury should be a serious RED ALERT FLAG for the Cubs. Shut him down for at least a year and then hope he’s 100% healthy. If he’s not, then Poppy’s advice is to not pick a player in the first round next time because if you’re going to pick a player who is hurt, you might as well not pick anyone at all.

Poppy, Theo Epstein wants to thank you for your medical & baseball advice. Theo also mentions that Children should be seen and not heard.

Adding wisdom & knowledge to a baseball conversation, PRICELESS!!!! Thank you poppy. :)

Been on the DL twice this year….well we know Almora is not taking any steroids.

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