8/7 Cubs lineup

The Cubs face lefty Cole Hamels on Wednesday, and it’s an interesting lineup. Three of the starters — Thomas Neal, Cody Ransom and Cole Gillespie — were claimed off waivers, and Donnie Murphy signed as a free agent April 3 after he was released by the Brewers.

Lake CF
Barney 2B
Castro SS
Navarro C
Neal LF
Ransom 1B
Gillespie RF
Murphy 3B
T. Wood P


Very interesting indeed Carrie. What a roster turn over! We are well on our way to that ever promising season of …. 2015! But in the meantime we can now take satisfaction in seeing some younger players get a chance to prove themselves,

Its nice to see Rizzo get a rest. Its nice to see Neil get a chance, be even nicer to see what he can do in 8 to 10 straight games.
As much as I love the Cubs, there are two guys in this line up that shouldnt even be in the ML’s. Maybe 3. Heck, maybe 4 or 5!!!

I know what you mean, was thinking the same thing. But at this point all we need do is have fun watching the youngsters, the varied lineups etc. in anticipation of 2015!!

This kind of line up the rest of the year should give the Cubs a 3rd to 5th round Draft Pick next June.
Everyone with a high trade ceiling is pretty much gone with the exception of Samardizja, so I dont see any huge trades this winter. I dont see Rizzo or Wood getting traded. Castro has hit & fielded himself down to your average mediocre SS.
Maybe re-sign Navarro & Scherholtz. After that there are some big name FA’s, but not enough to help this team compete.
With that said, I wouldnt even consider signing a Utley, Cano or Ellsbury as none would put the Cubs over the hump in 2014.

This is Poppy. Here is how I see it. With this lineup, the Cubs are pretty much telling the rest of the sports world that they are conceding the 2013 Major League Baseball season. And you know what, that’s a-okay with me! At this point in time, the Cubs would need to go on a 20-game winning streak just to get back in contention, and then they’d probably have to win 20 of their final 30 games just to make the Wild Card playoff series game. Do you know how hard that is? My guess is that winning streaks like that don’t happen all the time, and there’s no reason to think the 2013 Cubs can put together such a streak. Maybe if they had some really good players about to come off the Injured List and then Dale could call a closed-door clubhouse meeting and say “alright boys, we are at full strength now, so let’s go out there and win Win WIN!!!” and the Cubs would be all fired up and keep winning. But that’s not the case. Instead, let’s just play out the rest of the schedule and see what we’ve got and let Theo, Jed, Brandon, Al, and Mike all go down into the Cubs War Room 30 stories below Wrigley Field and devise a plan for winning in the future, because you can stick a fork in the 2013 Cubs. They’re done!

My granddaughter, Lindsay Barney, is home in Oregon this week while Barney is in Philadelphia. What a lovely time I am having with my 2 great-grand daughters and my grand daughter. They love watching the Cubbies play, they love eating hotdogs at the games, they love being baseball fans, they love the roar of the crowd at Wrigley, they love baseball the way it should be loved. – as a sport with all the trimmings of excitement and anticipation. Eamus Catuli

This is the kind of lineup that makes fans become more disillusioned with the future of the Cubs organization in total. Whatever this lineup is in the mind of Dale S. or whoever got out there Ouija board to put it together, it shows a lack of respect for the game as well as the fans. It’s change without purpose and is in my opinion, disgusting.
I find Mr. White’s comments interesting and certainly entertaining, however if his granddaughters husband doesn’t push his average up around .250 soon, the hot dogs and Wrigley Field won’t taste or be very exciting for any of them

1st inning Lake singles. Does Barney advance the runner? NOPE!! He strikes out swinging, at least he didnt ground into a DP, he left that too Castro. Nothing like sharing the glory, that Barney has great team concept.

Your’e right Jasper, even I have concluded that Barney is ripe for replacement more so due to his poor hitting rather than his lack of bunting. Tell me, do you think Sveum leaves it up to Barney? Does Sveum NOT call for Barney and his weak bat to sacrifice? in light of all the ground ball outs and DPs Barney hits into isn’t it Sveum derelict in his duty as field manager allowing Barney to swing away as well as sticking with Barney as the regular second baseman after witnessing all season that Barney is more than likely peaked at a .216 ba??? This is one of the situations that bolsters my thought Sveum is lacking as a manager. I am not knocking Barney as I think him to still be one of the few options for a great fielding second baseman but…there are options…Sveum does not utilize them….

It is Mrs. White and I have taken so many insults and nasty comments on this site that I no longer care what is said or not said. So bring it on. You know who you are.

I’m sure MRS. White will have no problem enjoying hotdogs or Wrigley Field regardless of what Barney hits as she is all CLASS, has a great attitude and a WONDERFUL take on LIFE ITSELF.
As far as the lineup?? This is EXACTLY the line up that makes KNOWLEDGABLE fans salivate with ANTICIPATION for the future of the Cubs organization as we KNOWLEDGABLE fans know that rock bottom must be achieved before the onslaught of better days arrives in the flood of young talent recently acquired by the new President and GM, both of whom are doing an outstanding job. We are witnessing the beginning of rock bottom, next year it will continue and then in 2015 we will experience the advent of greatness. This poor lineup is what is expected and welcomed….get it going, get it over with and get winning.

When I saw the line up tonight, I figure I picked the wrong week of stop sniffing glue.

One thing about the Cubs lineup tonight: It worked. Cubs win 5-2. Good night lady and gentlemen.

All is well, Jim. Good lineup, good work. – simple as that. :)). Sorry about Neal and Navarro – not good. Heal well gentlemen! You make us proud.

Hello White. Am on that Maine trip I told you about in July. Did not have access to tonight’s game, and it looks as if Murph the Surf had a heckuva game, judging by the box score I’ve seen.

Hi jhosk – Lucky you! Have some lobster for me! Murph the Surf had a fabulous game! He is a home run guru! Enjoy the surf and turf up there. :))

Maybe Murphy can take over for Barney when Valbuena returns, sure would make the line up alot better.

Lightning strikes a tree once in awhile. Not to upset Mrs. White, but my point was that playing professional baseball in this day and age requires more than a wistful walk through the park and a cumbiya mindset. Have a nice day.

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