8/7 Home sweet home?

* The Cubs enter Wednesday’s game having played exactly 56 games at home and 56 games on the road. They are three games better on the road than at home, posting a 23-33 record at Wrigley Field and a 26-30 record away from home.

* The Cubs are hitting .254 in 56 home games, 23 points higher than their .231 average in 56 road games. They have a .756 OPS at home, 99 points higher than their .657 OPS on the road. Pitching-wise, the Cubs have a 4.22 ERA and a .730 OPS against at home compared to a 3.65 ERA and a .688 OPS against on the road.

* They’ve already collected 26 wins on the road, surpassing their 23 wins away from Wrigley all of last season. The Cubs are 26-30 through 56 road games compared to 16-40 through 56 road games last year (16-41 through 57).

* With 26 wins on the road and 23 at Wrigley Field, the Cubs are one of three teams to have more road wins than home wins this season.


If you can’t win in your own ballpark, then you have a serious personal problem on the field.

Based on the premise of the article, Cubs management should propose to the Commissioners office that the entire 2014 Season, the Cubs should be scheduled to have all there games played on the road, while Wrigley Field is being renovated. That in my opinion, would be a win-win for the team and management.

How about Cubs playing at Sox Park?………Sox fans would love to have a professional ball team play in their park.

I can imagine the revenue that would be lost, while making 500 million in improvements to Wrigley. Food stands, souvenier sales and??? That would be a huge setback playing a year away from home.
How much would it cost the Cubs to use the White Sox park for a year? The White Sox would make a haul, in parking alone. Even something as silly as, moving the White Sox clubhouse/ locker room items out everythime they left town, the Cubs stuff in, then back & forth all season.
The business’s in the Cubs community would suffer a huge loss over a lost summer.
I dont see that happening.

Anyone hear any Kevin Gregg trade rumors?

Seems our future outfield is getting crowded…….Lake, Almora, Soler, Szczur, Golden, Jimenez, Bryant, Ha, B Jackson…..and maybe Castro or Baez thrown in the mix……..out of this bunch, which of these players figure to be traded by Theo & Jed?

I figure that Almora and Soler are on the inside track, as Almora was Theo’s first big draft pick and Soler was his first big international FA signing. That being said, neither of them have played above A ball yet, so we probably won’t see them until mid-2015 at the very least.

Lake is playing outfield now, but he came up as a SS and also played a little 2B and 3B in the minors, so it’s possible that he could still move back to the IF at some point (I’m sure the Cubs could look to upgrade at 2B and 3B for 2014).

Jimenez is 16 years old, so let’s not even worry about how he will fit into the Cubs OF for at least another 5 years.

Bryant is a 3B and until the Cubs find another 3B or if his defense on his way up through the minors is horrible, let’s keep him penciled in at third for now (I realize he might move to the OF eventually, but they’re playing him at third at Boise so for now he’s a 3B).

Right now Szczur, Golden, Ha, and Jackson need to show improvement before we start projecting them in the Cubs starting OF. And don’t forget about John Andreoli, who looks like a slightly better Tony Campana, which is enough to put him in the mix as well.

Next year the Cubs will probably pick up DeJesus’ option and agree to a one-year deal with Schierholtz, which will leave LF open for another buy low sell high player or for someone like Lake or Ha or Jackson. The rest will work itself out over time, but there is no reason the Cubs need to start trading away OF prospects just yet.

Very nice post Doug.

The 3B position was very weak in the minors, but with trade for Villanueva, Olt and the drat pick of Bryant, hopefully one can hold the position for a few years starting soon. ( meaning 2015 and beyond)

Nice analysis. Bryant has been on a good roll since his first game at Boise. Whether he plays 3B or OF, I look forward to seeing him in the bigs in 2014 or 2015. Living out here in California, I’ve heard a lot about this kid and was excited when the Cubs drafted him. Having more prospects at all levels just means that the guy who does make it in the end will have to work ever so much harder than the others to claim a spot in the starting lineup. In other words, nothing is guaranteed for any of these prospects, they all have to work harder than the next guy if they want to make it.

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