8/8 Cubs lineup

Jeff Samardzija gets the start Thursday in the Cubs’ series finale against the Phillies. Here’s the lineup on Anthony Rizzo’s 24th birthday:

DeJesus CF
Lake LF
Rizzo 1B
Schierholtz RF
Murphy 3B
Castillo C
Castro SS
Barney 2B
Samardzija P

* Donnie Murphy Murphy hit two home runs Wednesday in his second straight start at third base. Combined, Cubs third basemen now have hit 19 homers, surpassing the 12 hit by Cubs third basemen last season. The 19 home runs by Cubs third basemen are second-most in the NL and fifth most in the Majors. Here’s some trivia to test your friends: Who has played third base for the Cubs this year? Here’s the list: Luis Valbuena, Cody Ransom, Brent Lillibridge, Murphy, Steve Clevenger and Alberto Gonzalez.

— Carrie Muskat


Note to Shark….lets keep the pitch count down today….don’t have to strike out every guy………your arm will not last long.

Would be nice if one of ours guys can take out Utley on a hard slide……..if you are going to play rough, expect the same back.

Maybe Shark will aim one at his knees.

Well said. AGAIN…no Watkins at 2B??? Why??

Because you’ve got a Gold Glove 2B in Barney.

Really? He won a Gold Glove? Duh. Old news. Even a gold glove can go only so far. It is more imperative to find the NEXT second baseman rather than continually play a Gold Glove second baseman who’s offense is now almost non-existent, his ground balls and double plays are on the rise and evidently CAN’T pull off a sacrifice bunt??? OR, could it be Sveum that is behind Barney’s lack of sacrificing runners over? I am less frustrated with Barney’s anemic offense than I am with Svuem’s anemic managing skills. It is SVEUM who at the very least should NOW (the season is lost…) consider platooning Barney with Watkins as NOW is the time to see Watkins’ ability at the big league level NOT to see if Barney can continue fielding balls in meaningless games which is a moot point. Really Carrie…..Gold Glove? That’s what you got? I like Barney but I also like common sense…. I can’t believe I just posted that!!!

Geez come on Carrie…. gg don’t win games

My point is, Watkins is a decent 2B but they want to start the game with their best defensive options on the field.

This is Poppy. Here is what you need to know. Logan “Mega” Watkins is a pretty good ball player, but let’s not start calling him the next Mickey Morandini just yet. We all probably remember that Morandini was an established player when he arrived, so that’s why he started to play right away. But Watkins is not an established player so he has to wait his turn in line. As I used to say, no cuts, no buts, no coconuts! Of course Neil Neal Kneel thought he could cut to the front of the line and what happened to him? Dislocated shoulder and out for the year. So if you want Watkins to succeed as a professional big league ball player, be patient, let him take his time, and when he is ready to play every day he will play every day. Until then, I’ll see you on the flip side.

great response poppy, but if they are not going to play Watkins, why not send him back to AAA where he can keep the bat sharp instead of sitting on the bench?
You have backup INF with Ransom and Murphy.

Wait his turn in line? I could understand that if a position was filled by a productive ballplayer but looking at the current roster I see no reason for sitting a recently called up young player who is in need of some playing time to prove himself vs. allowing the “established” yet mediocre at best players to play regularly. Really, what is left to be seen from Barney, Dejesus, Valbuena, Schierholtz? Nothing they do will cement them as go to guys for next season. Play the kid at second base like they are playing Lake, another player that “cut” ahead of….who? NOBODY.
I can see sticking with Castro, Rizzo and Castillo but other than that I see no reason to get some playing time in for Watkins and others allowing them to play together and gain some experience. Barney would be quite the asset coming in late in the games to spell Watkins in close games as was prudent when Soriano was replaced late in games (not often enough). If Olt was promoted would you have him “wait his turn” and rust on the bench out of respect for the powerful Valubuena and Ransom? I used to harp about Soriano taking a roster spot away from a FUTURE player (in this case Lake), I see no reason to think differently about Barney and Watkins.

Who is hitting .213 or less. And either missed the bunt sign or decided that going for the long ball was better strategy. Good field, no hit types are a dime a dozen. If you can’t hit .250 at that position, it’s time to grab some bench until you figure it out.
As for Utley, he only did what any player with a win mindset would have done it that situation. Castillo made the decision to cover the plate to prevent him from scoring and suffered the consequences. Regretful, but well within proper gamesmanship. Only wish someone like Utley wore a Cubs uni. No reason to start a war with an All-Star 2nd baseman who has shown throughout his career that he is a class guy and not a cheap shot artist. DS pulled a rabbit out of his hat with last night’s lineup, let’s see if he can do it twice in a row. He still looks like a homeless guy who wandered into the ballpark. I guess he didn’t take my advice to contact Gillette for some shaving gear. Maybe Epstein can have a free razor night for stubble fans and managers!

Those that can-do. Those who can’t-teach. Those that can do neither-blog. If there were such obvious answers and talent available; we would not be blogging anything but “good job, Cubs”. Barney is not the only Cub who is having a terrible year. What are the plans for each player going forward? The only way to know for sure is to wait. There will be a number of changes in the off season. Next year and wait are words Cubs fans hate. What other choices do we have?

Your right Jim McBride, I guess I am just having fun stirring the pot with Barney. He seems to have alot of fans here and knowing the Cubs are very bad and wont compete, its kinda fun pointing out how bad Barney is. Cant or wont bunt, bad average, fly outs, DP’s.
Why do I ejoy this? Because at the end of last year after the Gold Glove, until Spring Training, I kept saying, ( Barney will never be more valuable than he is right NOW!! )
After this year, all trade value is out the window.

Here is something else to just think about, coming from an average fan.
Barney, Rizzo and Castro’s averages are all way down from last year. Jaramillo was the hitting coach, was fired, Rowson took over. Both did a very good job last year, what is the difference this year?
Rob Deer was hired as the assistant hitting coach. Has that affected the Averages? It seems to be a common denominator. With guys like Castro and Barney, it seems you would let what little power develop and concentrate on the game. Remember Castro used to bunt for a hit now & then? Now there alot of ground outs to SS & 3B and more K’s swinging at pitches way outside and trying to pull the ball.
I give Rizzo credit for still taking the Walks, but even he is not as patient or potent as he was last year.
Barney is not now or never will be a power hitter, he may hit between 4 to 10 a year, but the opposing pitchers know he wont bunt, not trying to go the other way, just pull happy.
What are these guys being taught?

i agree that watkins should get more started at 2b ,i also believe that castro may need his eye checked,because he is misjudging balls in the flied,and at the place take it from a man that has vision problems all his life

Well, they just put Watkins in at 2nd. NOW we can still win this game! Just because our pitcher gave up 10 runs by the 4th inning. Just because we only have 4 hits so far — Barney is out of the game so there is still hope that he hasn’t lost the game for us all by himself. Wahoo.

Maybe he was traded, we can all hope that.

Sveum is the “no brainer” manager of the year. If it is an easy decision…he’ll make it. Nothing against Barney (White) but with such typical, vanilla maneuvering such as we have seen from Sveum there is not much hope for some of these younger players to take advantage of being in the big leauges. Watkins should be starting everyday and Barney should now be relegated to the bench and late inning defensive substitution. But Sveum is….Sveum…not much thinking outside the box. Barney NEVER lost a game single handedly and does not deserve to be viewed as a BAD player just a weak hitter that should now be replaced. Sveum on the other hand HAS managed to lose some games (Marmol anyone? No sac bunting anyone? etc. etc.).
I get the feeling Hoystein painted himself in a corner with Sveum and may be adverse to dismissing him but if Sveum should be replaced next season or at least by 2015 when his contract is up I think the team will be better for it.

Sorry Jasper, I didn’t mean to reply directly to you as I have no issue with your comment. I felt the same about Soriano for many years so I know how you feel disliking Barney to the point of wishing him traded. I don’t agree but I understand and respect your take on him.

Obviously in a 12 to1 beat down Barney is not the main problem. However, between the “Shark”; The Riz and the Scherz, we have a complete and curious set of circumstances that should cause most Cub fans to wonder if the right order in the lineup shouldn’t changed. I mean why not use the same lineup as last night? It worked. Why change? Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

The more lineup changes by Sveum the more he projects himself as earning his keep?? Laughable, I know. He’s a manager lacking managing skills yet still somehow manages to over manage…. Can’t even manage to figure out the audition of Watkins is more important than the fielding of Barney. A manager who thinks he has all the answers when having none. I am hoping Quade is keeping a space open on his fishing boat…

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