8/8 Cubs vs. Cardinals – UPDATED

Adam Wainwright will be skipped, and not start Saturday when the Cubs play a weekend series against the Cardinals in St. Louis. Here are the pitching matchups:

Friday: LHP Chris Rusin (1-1, 3.98) vs. RHP Lance Lynn (13-5, 3.78)
Saturday: RHP Carlos Villanueva (2-8, 4.16) vs. RHP Michael Wacha (1-0, 4.58)
Sunday: RHP Edwin Jackson (7-12, 4.96) vs. RHP Joe Kelly (3-3, 2.98)


well, there are three losses in a row………….unless Donnie Murphy comes to the rescue.

It’s a daunting task for sure Cubs Talk but a little optimism can go a long way. Even very good pitchers throw a dud every now and then. So not only do we have the hope of Murphy saving the day offensively but also the rare, little seen, anomaly of a Cardinals team having a complete meltdown. Even the mighty Cardinals seem to have a “Cubbie Occurrence” once in a while!

I dont understand why Watkins was brought up if hes not going to play? Last night I understand him not starting against Hamels. Sveum must really like Barney, but I sure dont understand it, unless they are going after a better Draft Pick next year.
Play Watkins, see what he can do? There is no way he can do worse than Barney at the plate. Strike out, DP, Fly out and the circle continues.

Sveum is a reason to scratch one’s head. If going after a draft pick why make any “moves” that would help toward a victory? Why not let a starting pitcher hang around one more inning to give up another run or two? Why pinch hit for a pitcher at all? There are plenty of ways to facilitate a loss if Sveum wanted to, not just over playing Barney. No, I don’t think Sveum has what it takes to do either….win close games or lose a majority of them for a better draft pick. I consider him one of the “limbo” managers that come along by chance, not by merit. He may do some things very well but whatever those things may be are not evident on the field.

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